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  1. text reads:


    According to Holdan UK the UK distributor for Blackmagic, BMD are going to withdraw the Blackmagic Pocket Camera within the next 24-48hrs. We currently have 6 Pocket cameras available at this price (Due back in stock end of this week). Once they are gone the price will have to rise back up to £558 ex vat so get yours now whilst we have stock at this price.





    Marketing ploy? 


    You decide..

  2. I have to agree about the flares, I like some of them, but not keen on the multiple blue ones myself. not the lens's best feature. I have been looking forward to this lens for a long while.. throughout all of the discussions at Personal-view and the outcome.. Well I find it a little disappointing, I like the footage but it seems rather tame, the squeeze/stretch feels too slight, I really wish they'd pushed it further, the footage that I've seen from this lens looks similar to a lot of cropped stuff out there.. I have the 12mm (version 2 without focus gear but with the black not yellow nameplate, non fat version) and 35mm (version 2 I think with the new design but before they fixed the repeat focus thing)  and they are two of my favourite lenses, so it's not like I wasn't wishing this was a doozy.. I know these are incredibly tricky beasts to make.. otherwise they would be more common, and maybe I'll grow to like the look, cause I bet these will be popular.

    But I don't think this will put an end to the second hand market.

  3. First report of shipping.. as yet unconfirmed..


    "my friend called B&H today and asked about the pocket camera. the rep put him on hold and called BMD. He told him that BMD is shipping the camera from california to b&h today and that he will have his camera in his hands by late next week. lets hope the B&H rep wasnt taking him for a ride."


    found at bmcuser.com


  4. For someone who already owns a GH2, and someone who might consider a BMCC as a upgrade for latitude vs a GH3 there is little joy to be found so far in the leaked specs from Panasonic!

    I hope I'm wrong, but...
    With a Sony sensor bringing less resolution than the BMCC or my already owned GH2..
    With the loss of the muti-aspect of the gh2 my glass would be impacted by the GH3!
    I already have a great resolution 720 60fps on my gh2 do I want to fork out (Big money) for a camera that gives me 1080 60fps with a sensor that appears at the moment to be quite soft in comparison to the camera I already own..?
    I liked the stealth of the GH2, it seems the GH3 has been beefed up to sell to other's who think a camera has to be big to be good.. not me!
    And the iso range gets worse as well.. was hoping for a drop to iso100 not an increase to 200!

    I await the possible good news about the GH3..
    Please! Rather than depressing rumors..
    Give us some good news!

  5. A couple of years ago SLRmagic started a thread on Dpreview's M43 forum for input for a new m43 lens, people asked for a fast wide lens, from the input the 12mm 1.6 was born.

    SLRmagic are to design a new anamorphic lens for m43, and would like the input of anamorphic shooters.

    Have your say... [url="http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/4466/most-wanted-anamorphic-lens#Item_1"]http://personal-view...hic-lens#Item_1[/url]

  6. [quote name='Caleb Genheimer' timestamp='1344669443' post='15301']
    Oh, also . . . has anyone replaced the ungainly-long plastic screws in the Redstan clamps with some small female hex ones? I'm thinking of trying to do this. having them stick out is a pain, I'm afraid because they're elastic I'll end up breaking them off.

    I just took a pair of snips and trimmed up the plastic screws on the Redstan clamp, works a treat!
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