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  1. Thanks for the response will I need a nd filter for all my four lenses ie panasonic 14-140mm 4-5.6 ,100-300mm 4-5.6 ,45mm 2.8 ,25mm1.4 ,the steadi cam is a lot of money to much for my budget I don't think I could do it justice either. really need something reliable but affordable .
  2. hello videographers are these any good ive got a gh2 which im yet to do much video work with ,but i have a trip to france come sept a fishing one and want to make a documentary type video over the week with some naration and some music i already have a good tripod and boom ,will tthe lensse help aid my video skills or is it hard to use is there something better at equal costing ?,i do have the eoshd gh2 guide on me ipad for help and inspiration ,another point will i need nd filters if using my summilux branded lens when wide open on bright daylight ,any advice much appreciated
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