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  1. Thx QuickHitRecord, I think I'll try to sell my GH2 as I wanted to use it for documantery work as well such as DJs and nightclubs. But with this horrible band in underexposed situations it is quiet difficult to get propper results in dark scenes. Though I wonder how all that nice footage on Vimeo is beeing made. Of course if you have the possibilty to light and pay attention to lighting composition you can get awesome footage. But the Sony RX100 and the new Olympus videos are very promising for steady shots and especially without the band. I personally prefer more b locking instead of an ugly horizontal band in low light situations. Thank you guys very much for your help!
  2. Hi Andrew, yes the band does go away at 1/25 shutter. I use several Nikon lenses with F-stop 1.4 and 1.7. I know it is only a problem in underexposed situations but I filmed an university graduation ceremony and it distroyed most of the footage. Don't you think Panasoic could solve this? Because as other users reported, the band is changing possition with different shutter speeds (1/40, 1/50, 1/60 etc.) Do you think this is a software problem or hardware related? I have also seen some GH2s don't have it as strong but mine and many others have it very very bad. Thx for your fast reply. Keep on your awesome work. I am already thinking abou selling my GH2 on Ebay and getting the new Sony RX100 cause I love it from what I have seen from your review though it doesn't have 24P etc.
  3. [b]Dear Andrew, Dear All,[/b] I am one of these fans visiting EOSHD.com every day, a couple of times and checking every update. So finally after purchasing my GH2 I decided to register to the EOSHD forum. Just finished university and now have some time to film with my brand new GH2. I am living in Germany and bought my GH2 from a Germany onlineshop. The serial number starts with WE1HA. Now as I have rad the EOSHD GH2 shooters guide and went out filming I discovered one really sad GH2 bug which I found out is well known. The horizontal darker line ind footage shot over ISO1000 and underexposed situations. Panasonic is aware of the problem and many users complain about this problem. http://vimeo.com/17281822 http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/693/gh2-showing-fixed-darker-bandstripe-20-pixels-high-across-footage/p1 If you read all these posts you'll see, that each GH2 seems to have a problem with this issue. [b]Andrew Reid,[/b] from reading sooooo many of your posts and articles I know you have some contact to Panasonic. Don't you think it is time to ask Panasonic to solve this problem and take back all the thousands of defective GH2s? I am so sad I just discovered this after my 2 weeks return policy expired. Now I have to live with this but maybe Panasonic could work around the problem? Any chance you could ask Panasonic for an official statement? Kind regards, Vincent
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