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  1. Thanks Mark, I appreciate it. I'll probably do four different calculations and estimate sales that way, but would like to see some relevant sales numbers.
  2. Hi everyone, Asking for your help! I'm one of two employees at a small camera accessories start-up in Canada. We're looking for very specific sales figures as we're approaching companies to license our product. It's crucial for us to obtain realistic sales numbers to compile accurate forecasts so the deal we make with a potential company doesn't hinder us in the long run. We need (either Canadian/US) sales numbers on DSLR or camera accessories (ex. bags, flash diffusers, holsters, etc.... think of Gary Fong products) as this most resembles our product. We have tried everywhere. Annual reports, 10Qs, and 10Ks for large companies, and Canada-wide industry reports don't describe yearly sales for a product. We have also asked local organizations and government institutions who provide research and support for small businesses with no avail. We would greatly appreciate any tips to get this kind of info. or how to get the most accurate sales forecasts if what we are asking for is unattainable. Keeping in mind we are a small start-up and cannot spend much money. Thank you for your time. Amanda
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