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  1. Hi everyone, i am new to this forum and did not find any search option. I bought the GH2 a couple of days ago. I hacked it and want to use it for filming only. Now i noticed that the auto focus does a lot of pumping. Several time i was getting out of focus although there was not too much object movement. Now i was considering the manual focus. How many people here are shooting with manual focus only? Is that practicable or is it too much hazzle when you are shooting on your own and need to pay attention to many other details? Any help is highly appreciated!! Thank you very much! Best,
  2. Thanks for your help Dustatron. I was on the road the past 2 hours trying all kinds of SD-Cards and other Cameras. Conclusion: No matter which pc i used, they could not write on the SD-Cards in the camera. Then i found an old notebook with a SD-Card reader and that did the trick! I could write the firmware and hack on the card and it all worked fine after all. Still it surprises me, that Panasonic limit the use of sd cards like that. Anyhow, thank you very much and thank you everybody else who tried to help.
  3. KP 861, have you used your SD card with another camera or device before? I start to think that by formating it with another device it put some weird copy protection on it. But thats just a theory...
  4. Well that cant be the problem either. As the GH2 hack installation guide tells you to copy the file on your SD-card. So technically this should work. I also doubt, that my cards are malfunctional. They are brandnew and i can record movies on them perfectly. My only idea is that formatting the SD card with the camera puts some weird software copy protection on it. I am buying a new sd card by another brand tomorrow and will see, where that takes me. Any other ideas are highly welcome!!
  5. THX for your answer, but as i wrote above, the leveller is on unlocked. i even tried it with locked and with the leveller in the middle between the two options....
  6. Thank you for your reply! But i dont use a card reader. The SD card is in my camera, when i try to copy the file on it. Could that be part of the issue? As i said i dont have a SD card reader... cheers! help still highly appreciated! I want to use my new baby as soon as possible! :-)
  7. Hi everyone, today i got my new GH2. Now i am trying to apply the hack. I cant put the file on my SD-Card though. I tried several SD cards and it does not work. Gives me the message that the card is write protected. My pc and the gh2 recognise the SD card. I can even format it with the gh2. My SD-Card is the Sandisk extreme 32gig. I put the little switch on the card to unlock. Still it does not help. I can also not format it on my pc, gives me the message its write protected. Formating inside the camera works, but then for the pc its still write protected. Any help highly appreciated, i really cant wait to use my gh2 and now i cant apply the damn firmware update and hack...
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