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  1. Hi Rich

    I'm contemplating the KineMax for a feature I'm in the process of getting funded. I was considering getting their KineMount with the Nikon KineEnhancer...I own 3 Nikon AF-S F2.8 ED zooms...the 17-35, 28-70 and 80-200...all with aperture rings. I also own the Sigma F1.8 18-35 and 2 Tokinas...all in Nikon mount.  I know you built a custom speed booster for Rob, and my questions are (1) Was it a Nikon mount (2) Any thoughts on the optical quality of their Enhancer and (3) If not a Nikon mount for Rob, would you be interested in manufacturing a Nikon Booster for my KineMount. As a lot of the cheap boosters  degrade the image, and in my view the image on the KineMax is what I'm looking for at an incredible price, I want to make sure there are no weak links in the chain, or else I will opt for the non optic adapter.

    thanks in advance,


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