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  1. first of all i wont trust any Ibrahim !!! and your article is to the point canon is ruling out the SLR Market for their Cine line . I never trusted dpreview articles let alone they are certainly not experts in Video its basically a photography magazine on the internet period.....
  2. I agree on the EOS 1DX mark II is a great camera and video capable ! but i seriously think canon should have followed with the Canon line EOS 1D C line mark II ? since they miss on that and instead they focused on C 300 for 14k and up that is not selling/renting well and getting creamed by the Sony fs7 for 8k that is selling/renting in much greater quantities . i think its a great miss and it hurts the market of the 5k dslr movie camera its still not to late? the 5d mark4 is a flop as far as video. let see if canon will grow up and make their customer happy? or they are waiting to declined further more and wake up when its to late or 4k becomes an absolut! Red is now selling the 8k sensor ahead of the market its exactly what a healthy company should do .
  3. its been a long time since i have seen and read a true statement about canon!!! for me it was always about the color from the beginning!!!!
  4. looking to change my system. how is the camera as far as rolling shutter! is it good for action video? will the atomos shugon will be able to transmit raw format feed from camera? is it 8 bit 10 bit or 12 bit. what type of color corrector to use? lens recommendation from Samsung for video. type of memory card? speed ? rig system to add on my xlr recorder.
  5. I totally agree with you just to add that Fuji Xt-1 is superb all is needed now is a new starter point were customers can design a new dream camera combining all new technologies building the ultimate camera/video it could definitely be done with a type of kick starter start up i would love to discuss that with whoever is interested in investing in that market .
  6. basically its about color and sensor size. Only 3 companies can do it  .....sony, fujifilm, canon...
  7. Great article. I was wondering if i should stick to premier pro and wait and see if they get better and if so what type of computer sys build you would recommend  or go with the  new mac pro / final cut  ? do you think it would be better for 4k editing.
  8. Great article. that's honestly what i feel we don't see  a real change only a few small innovations  sooner or later someone will catch up . and the fun part  of it is that it wont be a big company  It might be  a new start up company with a great idea.
  9. I saw all the 3 cameras today at the expo. starting with the RX10  body  feels cheap the Nd filter is hidden in sub menus which makes it hard to use in quick mode situation  unless you use it in automatic mode? video focus and zoom is nice. A7- A7R have a major issue is shutter speed is very slow . but the rest  of camera build feels great. the only issue i have is the price??      
  10. canon is a bully that needs to go home. its time to let other company's to come up with new ideas and technologies that will benefit the peoples. canon repair centers across the USA is a total rip off even for their members. All the new lines of camera will be  for  ????? the future belongs to company's that have software and hardware combine in one.
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