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  1. Did you still want night driving footage? I have a clip that I filmed and you can use it. It's the very first clipping this:


    pw: 2016rough

    It's password protected because some these projects aren't released yet.

    Let me know if you want the clip and I'll dropbox it.

    I love your music!

    1. elkanah77



      I'm very sorry that you message wasn't answerd before now. I have not been logged into my accound at EOSHD for a long time now and I guess I've turned of notifications so when I logges in now I saw your message.

      I've been so busy pursuing making music that the forum here has been neglected for some time.

      Anyways, I enjoyed your showreel and you have lots of cool shots in there and the NX1 looks truly great!

      I had my song "midnight drive" done with mostly shots from my studio and some clips I've obtained the rights to, but I have a couple of other songs in the making that require a lot of slow-mo night shots, mainly people walking through crossings in the city, coming down escalators and maybe following a nice looking girl throughout the city at night. prefably on a busy night with lots of other people and cars etc.

      I could go out and shoot it myself, but as I live in Norway the season is not in my favor as winter is fast coming here at the moment.

      Ant other night shots could be of interest as well as either cutaways or similar. The song in mind is a follow up to Midnight Drive but it is a lot slower hence the slow mo footage I have in mind.

      Things have started to pick up for me in regards to my 80s style so I feel I have to step up concerning the quality of footage this time.

      Do you have something like this I'd be very interested to see it!


      Again, I'm sorry for being such a idiot not checking my acocunt and it's not my usual habit.

      Oh, and thank you for liking mu music!


      All the best


      Espen Kraft


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