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    Slightly less welcome!
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    ... I never  signed or hereby acknowledged to any of the above at the time of purchasing any of Canon or other cameras. Non of this is enforceable nationally or internationally because they are not signed and acknowledged by purchasers at the time of purchase. Also every camera sales personal will be considered accessory and called in for witnessing. I'm sure you can imagine the mess. It is not enforceable.
    If it was nobody could use third party parts in their cars or high-end electronics and for sure ML could've been taken down long ago.  
    Almost every car ( automobile ) come with similar mombo-jombo but they don't force you to sign those pages ( some of those forms even don't have the place for signature or name of purchaser. 
    Something that you, Bruno the Canon man and a few overzealous sales reps don't get is the fact that ML is bringing extra sales to the brand. Think about it for a minute or two. Canon is not going to shoot themselves in the foot or the wallet. 
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    .... and that's a fact. If you have perfected the story and screenplay is screen worthy and the audio is transparent and grading is coherent then intercut to a few shots taken through the bottom of beer bottle if you want. It's the sum of the experience that your audience takes home not individual parts. 
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