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  1. Finally a worthy upgrade to my trusty GH2. I waited many days for this moment. It's almost spooky how good BMC footage looks, very much like Alexa and far beyond anything red, which always had a pretty video-y aesthetic anyways. I need this camera in my hands like yesterday.
  2. I wish someone would post the answers in spoiler tags, just for us impatient buggers that can't wait another month for the next part of the documentary.
  3. Andrew, great article. Outside of professional video work where the FS100 would surely excel in almost every way imaginable, what's your opinion as to it's use for dramatic and narrative film work? I realize that the demographic which drives sales for these types of cameras are not indie filmmakers (whom of course do use this camera), but I have always been an opponent of the FS100 in this area only. The short films that I've seen done with the FS100 just don't seem convincing in a "cinematic" way... I don't necessarily mean "filmic" or any of the other annoyingly ambiguous terms that constantly get thrown around. It evokes a very grounded in reality, behind the scenes-esque , News Style, Travel Channel HD Expose, Top Chef / Cooking Show, Reality TV / Fear Factor vibe. Don't really know how else to say it; it seems like the most perfect camera for EVERYTHING except a narrative film. Do you have any examples or know of any footage where this doesn't seem to be the case? It would seem like the GH2 or the 5D would fill the "cinematic" needs a filmmaker while the FS100 would take over for everything else that needed a true / legit camera for serious paid video work.
  4. 5D3 does have a pretty pleasing image, but I think in that video it does lack detail and could use a hint of sharpening. The great thing about gh2 footage is how far you can push it... other than cameras that do some form of raw, you'll never find anything else that has hacked gh2 level of gradability; it really is insane how well it holds up.
  5. [quote author=katon link=topic=515.msg3549#msg3549 date=1333841312] Could you point to or show an example of the filmic look you reference. Interested. Thanks [/quote] There's quite a few out there, I find these to be pretty "filmic" >> https://vimeo.com/39165961 https://vimeo.com/39151120 https://vimeo.com/36182092 https://vimeo.com/33016592 https://vimeo.com/37044086 https://vimeo.com/26818589 There are many more examples, much better than these, but the point is that if you want to, you can definitely get a pretty cinematic image out the gh2. What I find is that screen shots from the 5D3 are amazing, it just has a very unique look that you don't find anywhere else. But motion wise, something irks me, I can't put my finger on it, but it just doesn't approximate film as well as the gh2 can imo, but still an awesome camera and I would be proud to own one any day. The only "true" video camera outside DSLRs that seems to be able to look extremely filmic when handled correctly is RED. Sony Cameras like the FS100 just scream video, it just has very sterile, plasticy slick look which I find very uncinematic. The camera is freakin amazing for professional video work, covering events and many other things... but for narrative type stuff, it makes me cringe... the strong "video look" just brings out the cheesiness in narrative drama. I feel bad, because I'm supposed to be drawn into the performance, the story etc, but seriously, the FS100 will suck the cinematic out of any scene despite the talent, grading, lenses used, lighting etc. Between the GH2 & the 5D3 you really can't go wrong, either will give you some amazing results if you're after that elusive "filmic" look.
  6. I think I smirked in disbelief at how "under par" the NEX7 appeared by comparison. The really cool thing is that the GH2 can go from a super sharp highly detailed image that will essentially walk all over every DSLR + the FS100 / AF100 and then morph straight into a softer filmic image with the right lens / patch / filter combination, that will rival any digital camera under 20k outside of RED for producing a true cinematic image. It's mind boggling how adaptable the GH2 really is, it can be anything you want it to be. Something about the motion rendering / blur between the frames that gives the GH2 a very filmic feel as well. Many people don't know how to unlock it's secrets and just go by what they see in videos made on lumix lenses... but they have no idea. It's truly a gem, that still very few people have discovered, let alone learned to use properly.
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