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  1. Axel: I don't think it's a matter of bargaining. It's a matter of priorities, at least for me. I'm not a professional photographer, this is just a hobby. Granted a hobby that lets me capture our family memories, but still. In my case, it's not about the $23 dollars for a filter, it's the $849 for the GH2, $800 worth of lenses, $300 for tri-pods, etc. etc. So when I started looking at needing an ND filter _in addition to_ all my other expenditures, I decided to go the cheap route until I could convince _myself_ of the value. I mentioned WAF a bit tongue-in-ch
  2. I wanted a cheap introduction to ND filters before I took the plunge to the more expensive variable ND filters. I purchased a 52mm Marumi ND8 for $23 and a 52mm Marumi ND4 for $16. My largest lens is 52mm so I also bought step down rings for approx. $5. I'm a complete noob too but the concept of "sunglasses for your camera" made sense to me and I've used these both for the past 2-3 weeks with great results. Mainly mid-morning soccer game pictures where, prior to having the ND filters, I was getting "glowing" grass and also any white clothing. Using these fil
  3. At least I know this isn't a common problem. I'm going to try flashing to factory firmware.
  4. Sorry, posting on my iPhone. Video works great. Was taking pictures just great this afternoon. Now, no matter what lens, what mode, what options, flash open, flash closed, I get nothing but black and long shutter. Any ideas? I have no idea what I could even have done to cause the if I wanted to.
  5. I think it only works in photo mode if you are shooting smaller than the full sensor like with Medium and such. You're always using less than the full sensor in video mode.
  6. Awesome, awesome information. And surprisingly, I understood at least half of it.  ;D  I'm kidding, I think I at least understand most of the concepts here. You did a good job of anticipating the depth of explanation I'd need. Hopefully that's because I did a good job explaining where I was at with my limited knowledge. The bit about you'd rather underexpose than overexpose makes sense and is a good point. I've never graded video (or photos) before but I think I have the right software. I have Adobe's Production Premium Suite 5.5 and Edius Neo3 (which
  7. I just got my GH2 yesterday and I've applied the 44 Vanilla hack, enabled High ISO, set camera to recommended settings on the GH2 Hack Vault page, purchased and read Andrew's EOSHD Shooter's Guide. I've setup my Creative Movie Mode settings as per recommended in the Shooter's guide. In the guide, in the beginner's boot camp section, he details that Exposure should be set to Manual which leaves 3 ways to control Exposure; Shutter Speed (which should usually be at 1/50 or 1/60 anyway), Aperture, and ISO. First of all, from a _complete_ beginner's standpoi
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