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  1. Great I just picked a mark IV today for a good price, I just tried it with my lenses the aperture works perfect in video, however the auto focus on my 50mm 1.8 and the 28mm 2.8 didn't work. Would the battery removal do the trick or do I need to maybe update the firmware ? Edit: the autofocus worked on the other cheaper adapter, it's a yongnuo Brand.
  2. Thank you for the replies, do you have any idea if it's just the mark IV that can do that, can the mark III do it as well ?
  3. Hi, the reason I'm asking is that I bought a yongnuo smart adapter for my canon glass but it turns out it does not allow me to change the aperture when recording video, however I can change aperture just fine when shooting stills. Is this a limitation of the cheap adapter or am I not using the correct settings on the A7S. so if I invest in a metabones will it have the same issue ?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm in the market to buy a new camera to replace my now 1.5 year old 60d. My mind was at ease and almost set on the 5D3 having seen and followed a lot of 5D2 footage /reviews/tests, i thought the next iteration has to be owned by me. but through watching Philip blooms video review of the 5D3 i was introduced to this mysterious hidden gem the gh2. At first hearing it being compared to a 5d3 and all this talk about better quality higher bit-rate (hacks) etc... i found myself really confused and thinking that i was an idiot to pick up the 60d in the first place. I honestly was almost there before i knew about the gh2, it made me feel that the 5D3 is not worth the money or that maybe i should just get a mark 2. in the midst of all this confusion i realized that i'm only going to find what i want if i link it to what i'm going to use it for, so here is the main criteria: -shallow DOF -fast paced shooting/run and gun action (60d struggles due to rolling shutter) -good in low light -less noise at high iso I have a budget that can reach to $6000,and also i was wondering if i would be better off leaving the dslr scene and getting more of a camera that is built just for video (sony fs100). Thanks in advance sorry to seem overwhelmed and unorganized, but i need a few pointers to guide my decision. (PS:I read most of the articles on EOSHD comparing these cameras)
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