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  1. 1080p full frame, 4k 1.3x crop (between full frame and super35), 1080p super35 crop are the options. they're all decent, maybe super35 is better than full frame, but the 4k is easily the best

    oh great, thank you for the clarification, so there is no full frame 4k, it all makes sense now!

    oh, except for formats, mpeg?mjpeg? h264? whats going on with these?

  2. Thank you for quickly publishing this honest review, it's obviously much of a relief for us canon users that we dont have to go out and buy a whole new system. i was seriously considering it when i saw that beautiful sony power zoom with IS in another review… now we have to just wait for canon to put out a lens like that or a 1dc/5d1V with a nice evf and id be happy!

    one question about the 1dc, ive read all the reviews and one thing still confuses me, so are these are the video options; 4k full frame, 4k 35mm crop or 1080 full frame or 1080mm 35 crop? and if those all are available which is the most recommended?

    thanks again!

  3. so, checked out the XC10 in depth at NAB, i went there having preordered it with high hopes for a lightweight 4k camera that was cheap and easy enough to just whip out on scouts and do some tests.

    we were all let down pretty big on this one.

    first of al it just feels cheap, granted a lot of people playing with them at nab but while i was holding it the viewfinder just popped off so easily it literally fell off the camera. as well it sucked, it might be the worst view finder i have ever looked through, i had to ask, why does everything look purple on this view finder. i went through all the settings, WB, ISO and matched them to the canon c300 next to me and still everything look purple.

    The camera had one built in ND, that you have to literally go through about 4 steps in the menu to get to, its electronic, not glass as far as i can tell, but NOONE on the floor could tell me how many stops it was, seemed to be at least 3 to me, one person told me it was 1 and i just laughed at that.

    The lens is parafocal, which is good news, and the front didnt rotate which was great news, so i was still intrigued. then when i checked to see when the aperture started to ramp, um the answer was, immediately! i mean, right away, its only 2.8 from 27mm to about 30mm, but then the horrible thing is that from that point it doesnt change incrementally, it moves 10ths as you zoom, so for example it starts going: 2.9, 3.1, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5, etc….

    its absolutely horrible, so much so i put the camera down after that and said thank you and walked away. the only way to shoot with this camera is to probably put it in some automatic iso setting, or set it to a 5.6 permanently. still , what i thought it would be good for is a ready to go, whip it out and shoot, possibly doc camera, nope…you have to dig into the menu for every setting with this tiny joystick thing, it was a pain the ass. i wouldnt even recommend it to a beginner because its so confusing, hopefully no one tries to learn on that camera.

    i cancelled my preorder 10 minutes ago...

    my favorite cameras of the show, the arri mini and the black magic micro! the smallhd monitor was also sweet, the clearest eyepiece i have ever looked through. put that on the micro(that does 60fps now) and i have a nice b-cam that shoots 10bit pro res. as well you can choose global shutter up to 30fps.

    oh as well, the new ursa view finder is also horrible, it looked really green, but i was told it was a demo model, but i went around to each one and they all had different shade of green tint but all looking at the exact same thing with the same settings. i kept asking why doesnt this match the monitor on the camera and i kept getting the same answer, oh, this is not the production model, hopefully we fix that. i would personally skip the BM view finder and stick  a small hd on it, if i was at all interested in an Ursa. You CAN have external power on the small HD too, you just need the canon battery to wired power adapter, simple.

    hope this helps!

  4. well one thing we are missing is that the zoom has 10x range, ill see it at nab and see what focal length the aperture actually starts ramping.

    its a 27-270 optical, so if its 27-100 at f2.8 that pretty great!

    to get a further range then that on lets say a canon 70-200 at f2.8 youll pay 2k just for the lens.

    unless there is a pocket camera from black magic that is 4k with slower frame rates, then this camera might surprise you on how much it will start popping up on productions. not films or commercials mind you, but behind the scenes and docs, like the 5D is limited to now.

    i can see using it as a scouting and test shoot camera, seems easier to travel and tote around then a 5D with all the accessories to make it work.

    they also mention 10 bit hdmi output, and canon usa says it comes with a cfast card, thats a couple of hundred dollars right there!


  5. The Kodak truesense ccd sensor is much more expensive and more complicated to design a camera around than the cmos sensor in the blackmagic.  The d16 also comes with a 512gb enterprise class ssd.


    the BM is a bargain for what it can do, but it also brings moire, rolling shutter and a more digital feel. There is no reason the bolex should be priced the same since they contain totally different tech.

    more digital feel? i think the BMPC is the most cinematic camera in the dslr pipeline for sure, ive mixed it with an alexa on 9 commercial shoots already and the grade only has to be slightly changed in saturation to match.

    not to mention the Pro Res option which is what 8 out the 9 clients preferred to deal with in post.

    as andrew said, its not ready for a professional production, so a toy for 3k? id rather have a tool for 1k.

    not that if i didnt have money to blow i wouldnt own one.

    though it makes me think maybe i should buy another real bolex!

  6. its way too expensive for what it is, it needs to come down to pocket camera price.

    that being said, it does look pretty much the same as all the bolex footage i used to shoot back in the day, cross processing and reversal film prints.

    but, i have also seen this look come straight from an iphone and camera apps!

    pocket camera price…and i buy it.

  7. i have to agree with most people here, i think it's his career that is imploding, not the film business. Lincoln was a boring film, my wife fell asleep during it, the only reason i stayed awake was because i thought the cinematography was the best of the year. i couldnt even make it through red tails. both of those directors are out of it, they just dont make good movies anymore and their ideas are tired.

    as well, some of these upgraded dine in theaters are so amazing that we will almost go watch anything to sit in a huge recliner and get served real food and drinks too! I think the studios just have to learn not to give tired old directors an unlimited budget to make whatever they want while his little bubble keeps telling him how amazing everything is up until the point that it bombs at the box office.

  8. Make sure to check their actual speed though as 600x cards aren't a tight spec anymore than folks have found with the 1000x cards.  Many I've looked at are rated at no more than 45MB/sec write speed which isn't fast enough for Julian's highest confirmed, stable raw writing performance on the 50D.    Some brands you have to look at their 700x or 800x models to find fast enough write speeds.

    how do you test the speed of your card once you receive?

  9. Let him show you the proof and keep us updated (and show it...) :) Maybe he's a genius or working on something top secret at Panasonic. Not likely.


    Lets get back on topic. I did a fast 50D vs 5D II test! Will publish this evening.

    well, ive talked the producer into letting me shoot on the epic since its my crews workflow they are used to, but im going to have him bring in his GH3's and have my DIT look at the entire situation, but according to them, thats what they have been doing. 

  10. You are misinformed sir. 1592x720p I can record as long as I want. No 10 second limit or anything. The dropped frames are my fault, yes, it was stupid of me to upload it like that.. Long day yesterday. I exported to 23.976 fps and shot at 24 fps, that might be it. Trying to upload it again.


    Download the DNG's I posted above and see for yourself.


    I'm not selling my GH2 and wouldn't advice anyone to do so. I'm keeping it (or trading it for a G6) next to the 50D.



    @Jlev23: like is said on the previous page:

    Bullshit. There would have been a million topics about it on this forum if that was even remotely true :)

    i wouldnt believe it either except that its the owner of one of the biggest VFX/Design companies in the country and he has said he has shot his last few projects with this set up. very strange.

  11. Interesting video footage...looks pretty much like a gh2.

    well, since a panasonic was brought up again, ill try my question again...



    i like to feel like im update on all the dslr action going on, but i was just asked to shoot on the companies GH3 cameras rather than an EPIC i had booked for the job. the producer said " the owner has a fully ported GH3 that shoots 4k uncompressed"...

    needless to say i was like what???


    is this possible or can be true? i need to know before i knock it down.


    thanks in advance everyone!

  12. i like to feel like im update on all the dslr action going on, but i was just asked to shoot on the companies GH3 cameras rather than an EPIC i had booked for the job. the producer said " the owner has a fully ported GH3 that shoots 4k uncompressed"...

    needless to say i was like what???


    is this possible or can be true? i need to know before i knock it down.


    thanks in advance everyone!

  13. OK for on set I understand. But for other "not time constrained" projects, why not grade first? which would be pretty easy with DNGs in AE or photoshop. All you have to do is grade one frame and AE will apply it to the rest of the sequence, then export your graded footage to ProRes for editing.

    The point is, for grading, ProRes just does not have the shadow/highlight recovery flexibility of RAW dng. I think though that Cinema DNG is the way to go for ML.

    understood, but i only work on sets, so not understanding the context of the question i was asking you should of not of been so quick to say i dont understand raw, just be careful what you say to professionals on this forum, some people arent as nice as me :)

  14. Yes indeed, it's a bug of the new firmware  that a lot of people are finding annoying, apparently. Perhaps backdate the firmware.

    darn, i really hope they fix the lag of the video that outputs to the monitors in the new firmware, since we operate and pull focus off the monitors with this camera its getting a little tricky now for my AC's and handheld operating on action was freaking me out a bit :(

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