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  1. [quote name='richg101' timestamp='1343631223' post='14717']
    it will. there is a knack to using it - at first you think all is in focus then realise you should have focused in a little more. after a week you will get to know the characteristics and nail most shots straight away. peaking tends to work best with less wide lenses such as 35-50mm at larger apertures. the shallower the depth of focus the easier it is to see the focus peaking work. also you need good contrasty lighting conditions so it can pick up edges of subjects.

    Hey richg101, thanks for the reply. That's great news. Cheers.
  2. My approach (and I think it's a common one) is to use Cineform Neoscene to transcode the .movs before bringing into your NLE. The Cineform files will be larger than the .movs off the camera but your computer will have a MUCH easier time dealing with them.

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