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  1. magenta tint is bad raw debayering  ... i ts software problem not sensor ...
  2. that kodak sensor is very good ... its big brother of a cam dll sensor ... i dont know how they get such a ugly image from great sensor ...
  3. sorry guys but there is no dbolex prototype ... their promo video was shoot on prosilica gx2300 machine vision camera... [url=http://www.alliedvisiontec.com/uploads/pics/Prosilica-GX.jpg]http://www.alliedvisiontec.com/uploads/pics/Prosilica-GX.jpg[/url] [url=http://www.alliedvisiontec.com/emea/products/cameras/gigabit-ethernet/prosilica-gx/gx2300.html]http://www.alliedvisiontec.com/emea/products/cameras/gigabit-ethernet/prosilica-gx/gx2300.html[/url] download their BTS and look for a camera... [url=https://vimeo.com/38252059]https://vimeo.com/38252059[/url]
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