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  1. Iron Film--thanks for the clarification. I already own a nice camera bag, sticks+fluid head, SD cards, decent variable ND filter (lightcraft), and an audio recorder w/ a couple mic set ups. The above budget ($2000) is more for camera body + lens (willing to buy used), though I know there will be some additional costs, such as batteries, viewfinder, etc. J-one thanks for the awesome reply! I shoot exclusively creative personal content--mostly short films with only one or two actors, or travel pieces, and I usually have complete control over projects in terms of time, etc. Most of my target audi
  2. I'm thinking about buying a new camera right now, and have about 1300~1400 dollars to spend on the body (total budget around 2,000 US). I'm wondering what are everyone's thoughts in terms of the difference between the colors/general quality of the BMPCC, a6000 (now that it has x-avcs), A7ii with x-avcs, GH4 with log, and Samsung NX1 (which seems to have great colors right out of camera). I know there was a huge difference between how much more the bmpcc looked like film when compared with say the GH3 or Canon cameras (not raw) a year ago, but how is the gap between it and the cameras that hav
  3. Hello Everyone! I'm selling a Canon 50mm 0.95 lens that recently came into my possession. The is a vintage lens and has a few minor signs of age, but in general is in excellent condition. It has very recently been cleaned, re-calibrated and refit with a 6 bit leica M mount by DAG camera, so the glass is in very, very good condition (only used for a few test shots since cleaning). Asking price is $3000 US (shipping included, will ship anywhere). Anyone interested please let me know! Pictures: http://postimg.org/gallery/8ox7gaoa/7e7472ed/ As for me, I am a long time EOSHD reader
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