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  1. What is the best way to work with these movie files on Windows 7. I would like to edit them and share them online. I am finding they are huge and hard to work with. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. My first time on here. I have had the T2i for over a year and have had no problem with video until recently.  The videos now are turning out choppy and occasionally colours will flash (almost as if chunks of data are missing for certain parts of the picture). I use a Sandisk 16GB class 4 (came with camera) and a Patriot 8GB class 6.  Both these cards produce the same results.  I have used the standard 18-55mm lens and a 50mm lens.  Still the same results. I was hoping the problem was with one of the SD cards, but both cards produce the same results.  I am crossing my fingers there is not something wrong with the camera.  And as I said, in the past the videos turned out fine. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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