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  1. andrew!   you can`t put "mass production" and "leica m" in the same line!! that`s a bit like "chuck norris" and "nobel prize" in one sentence.... :-)
  2. nice toy... but not really new...   gamechanger?  for 15000$ + remote focus / iris / zoom system $$ + wireless video $$ + remote operator + focus puller + arnold schwarzenegger to carry this around.... well...   all quadcopter gimbals are "inspired" by the flight head. and their own small version is available for some years now.   http://www.portocam.com   it`s just not small enough to carry it around by hand, but it takes on decent cameras.. and comes at a price...   BUT, quadcopter gimbals are available from dozens of sources, the electronics became smaller etc.. i think this is a good "inspiration" for something you can build on your own for a fraction of the price!
  3.   well i don`t think industrial designers are involved in any "cinema grade" camera development on the market. jim jannard`s intention on the epic was to make it look cool, but that guy never spend a day on set shooting.... and you see and feel that if you have to use his cameras.. alexa is a heavy shoebox with the display on the wrong side etc.. and sony just copied that design for the f5 + f55... but with the display on the right side this time!... the rest.. BOX do you really sit straight behind the camera on lens hight? then the bmcc monitor is placed there especially for you...   you can clearly see that mainboards are square on all these camera "designs" :-) so i don`t think that design plays a major role on the price.   11.5 stops bother me, the design flaws will be something you just have to live with..... as always....
  4. i think the 2mm plate really was a last minute change to the design, and makes it better and safer... they told us that they are very confident that things are on track now, and they`re probably beginning mass production as we speak. i slightly know how they must feel... it`s always a nightmare when a supplier call like this "the mill broke and the service guy told us that spare parts will be here in 4 weeks..." while you have customers writing emails every day about the whereabouts of their orders... in our case we never found a reliable cnc shop for the gh2 cage and had to let many people down. thank god we found the right place now for the blackmagic cage...
  5. kirk, everyone has the right to have an opinion, so are you. believe me, we`re always trying to get this to market at a reasonable price point. the nex7 cage, for example, was just too expensive to make because the wooden element was 100% hand carved.... so it will stay a prototype. anyways, i hope nobody already bought a cage from us or others because blackmagic just told us that the camera body will rise 2mm because they added a plate at the bottom of the camera for better ventilation... so we`ll have to adjust our cad`s a little... but because we`re producing in germany, almost around the corner, these changes will be implemented right away... as i said, this flexibility comes at a price...
  6. @richg101 zebrano handles are already available :-) we`re also thinking about a "send us the wood you like the most and we make your personal pair of handles for you" solution. [img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/15850/506ae5a2c14a0_20120822_162045.jpg[/img]
  7. calm down guys... :-) we OFFER this cage, nobody is forced to buy it... if you like to rip out the threads directly from your precious camera body.... go ahead. but honestly, we knew that this would only appeal to certain people.. first of all we build stuff that WE want to shoot with and this is the design both of us liked the most. and yes, i like my alpa a lot :-) this rig is 100% made in germany, the handles involve a big amount of hand finishing and, trust me, we don`t have chinese slaves doing that.. there`s always a cheaper solution, product, one for every given budget, so please go ahead, i totally understand that at this price point not everybody can afford this. top gear can, just sold the last two remaining gh2 cages to them :-) about the MFT mount version. this cage will be a pain in the ass if you want to shoot directly with MFT lenses! that`s for sure. but since the camera does not support iris or powered focus on these lenses, anything but your voightländer won`t work either.. we`re aiming here at people who use lens adapters. unlike the pl adapter that you stick directly onto your MFT camera, and that then shakes in the mount, ours will be rock steady and support even the heaviest lenses like angenieux optimos etc.. with now force pulling on the camera mount. as always, all hints, criticism, suggestions etc.. are welcome, we`re not red and we`re pretty proud of that :-) best, bernd wondollek ReWo
  8. finally! somebody asking about the most important thing! :-) it`s an xpal 8000 laptop backup battery -> www.xpalpower.com rebranded it`s also available from energizer. it`s nice and small and fits right into the rig and sits underneath the camera. + it has an additional 5v usb power outlet so you can charge your phone while you shoot :-)
  9. where`s the big advantage over the bmd camera? i mean 4000$ advantage.. (actually 5k if you consider the software..) oh, you need to buy a monitor as well (we`re at 6k now) ok, more sensor real estate, and maybe the mount options (extra $$) but that`s it... is the eos mount capable of stopping down lenses? if your`re on a budget you should rather buy glass. anyways, would love to see a "shootout"...
  10. yes... look here for example... 30 pounds... http://www.amazon.co.uk/IB-111StU3-Wh-Aluminium-Docking-Station-inch/dp/B004UBU366/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1335248237&sr=8-3
  11. yes, 50 or 60 fps would be nice... let`s wait and see.. i would be even more exited if they would make a 4:3 readout possible... anamorphics anyone?
  12. there`s always going to be a "what if?" "why don`t?" "maybe in the next generation".... and with moore`s law crumpling, especially in the digital camera market, the "next thing" is always already sitting in some company`s drawer... but for the time being this camera is now, or exactly in 2 months... AND it comes at a WTF price point, compared to everything else available. at this price, and with the given specs, i don`t really care wether it`s S35 or not, and moaning about it is really a bit like asking for this camera to come for free. after watching canon take off into spheres beyond my wildest nightmares, giving only what is absolutely necessary to vaguely rectify their insane price policy, but not an inch more, this camera is an absolute delight! somebody at canon must have thought that the`ve taken us all hostage with the 5DII, and that the time was right to "milk the bastards". well... turns out that the devil they`ve let out the box turned against them now. i think we`re all profiting from bmd`s real interest.. they can`t make money with this camera, but i think their real interest lies in establishing da vinci as the photoshop of motion pictures, and bundling it almost for free to this camera is surely the right move. considering lens mounts... well i think it`s only a matter of time till somebody straps this thing to a cnc mill and chops the tube off to make every lens mount there is possible... maybe i`ll do it myself, the form factor begs for it :-)
  13. i can`t stand the horsepower of a ferrari, it`s too much and makes parking in front of the supermarket a pain in the arse... guys, have you ever heard that it`s possible to stop a lens down?
  14. andy, you could get 12bit raw for under 15000.- from ikonoskop.... roughly 10000.- that was an innovative little company too, but i think they can close it now... come july there will hardly be anybody buying their gear anymore...
  15. you`re right!.... now i don`t get it as well....?? also there`s plenty of canon 0.95/50 glass on ebay around 1500$ so why 3000? well, as andy pointed it out it`s made for cinematography so no breathing etc.. and if you consider that even a used zeiss hs 50/t1.3 prime is around 3000 and up, not mentioning that a new 50mm master prime is around 17500€, then it`s still a bargain :-) they should make a set 18/25/50/65/85 all 0.95, that would be a stunner at NAB!
  16. talking about fast lenses.... just google -> Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar 0.33/40mm
  17. simple answer... the 1000$ lens is vignetting on e-mount because it`s strictly designed for micro four thirds!
  18. as i said... sorry yours is flawed, although the ghosting etc. needs a little further investigation. tested it with all my canon L-glass, some hartblei shift&tilts and even lensbabys now and nothing bad happened. the firmware problems are another issue, and it`s a bad move from metabones to have you pay for shipping...  
  19. look here -> [url=http://vimeo.com/37500430]Review of the Metabones EOS Smart Adapter.[/url]
  20. yes the lens issue bothers me to.. i own a complete set of fast primes for canon and until there is no adapter like the metabones canon to e-mount coming for micro four thirds they are pretty much useless with the gh2.
  21. very important point -> it`s the only adapter that powers manual focus on the 85/1.2!! love it!!
  22. totally true for the stills point of view. but the video features are developing too fast to stick to a body....
  23. isn`t this a bit like resuscitating a dead horse that by the way has already been hacked with a fifth leg etc.. i love my 5d with it`s full fledged sensor etc.. but it`s clearly outdated. not a single image in the article shows advantages over the gh2 and the heavily sharpened ones look really disgusting for my taste.... the gh2 has become so cheap, so why spend 400$ plus vast shipping and customs cost on this? and the 5d III is imminent also. this would have been great one or two years ago, sorry but time flies... these days the "film stock" is build into the cameras, so we will have to get used to throwing them away every now and then. stick to lenses and invest in them and love them but don`t shed a tear over a dead camera body :-)
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