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  1. Again, this forum is enlightening.  Thanks Marike6 for more C-mount lens data and resources.  The journey begins.
  2. Thanks Andy!  Your reply, especially the link, is exactly the level of detail I was hoping someone could provide.  Adapting those lenses for GH2 or other DSLRs would be an exercise in tech heaven, to be sure, but the road to reach that paradise would probably prove long and all consuming.  I think I rather would like to spend the time capturing video and telling stories.  You have been most helpful. Best Regards,
  3. Howdy from Texas.  I've been visiting the site for a long time, but this is my first post.  The site is a fantastic resource!  Thank you Andrew (and forum contributors). Does anyone have experience mounting a 10mm f/1.6 Switar H16 RX Bolex Kern-Paillard Cine Lens on the GH2?  Is it even worth the attempt?  I know next to nothing about this lens other than what I could track down at the following site: http://us.c-mount.passion.pro/article/Kern+Paillard+Switar+H16+RX+f1.6+10mm.html Thanks, Jason B
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