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  1. [quote author=ipcmlr link=topic=646.msg4778#msg4778 date=1335530100] According to your link its a 2x stretch. [/quote] Was in the top on the list ::) I should be him ==>> 8) for real. Tanks man for ur respectful silence.
  2.   Hi. I got a Sun anamorphic Adapter 16. It works prety fine on a GH2 + G Vario 14-140mm and with the summilux DG 25mm + teleconverter. Wath i really wonder is the compression that i should take in post, cause it doesnt say if is 2x/1.5x/etc. I didnt find the info on web, i just took a look in the Wiki, and it either say wich compression this lens has: http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Anamorphic_Lenses Does anybody know more about this lens? Any kind of advise will be recibed great. Regards.
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