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  1. hi, it is an issue not with premiere or the pc in general. files look fine on any other pc or mac with the vlc. only on my editing pc even vlc displays these huge artefacts. i suspect now that it must be a codec issues with on this machine. but no idea what it could be? any idea? noneric
  2. no defenately no performance issues i use a i7 12 gram and an sas raid.....and a cuda enabled video card...
  3. I am a video blogger from Berlin. I started it as a hobby with a small DV cam and it´s now 5 years later a professional venture with a 6 figure revenue and close to 10 million views: [url=http://www.musotalk.de/neu]http://www.musotalk.de/neu[/url] We do 99% run and gun and we are happy with our 2 EX1s. We tried the 5D but obviously failed. Now we do beauty shots and promo clips with it. But it´s a dead end street regarding glass. After the Bloom shoot out I am giving the GH 2 another try. I aiming to turn it into a super stealth run and gun tool, capable of the occassional beauty s
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