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  1. Yeah, that sounds exactly like the sort of thing that should exist . But alas. >:( Thanks for the replies though.
  2. No, i have not really seen many different types of adapter but that mobiadapter is the sort of thing i expected there to be an abundance of. I mean there must be something like that out there but instead of an normal usb2 port it has a mini usb2 port so you could just plug in an external hdd right? lol If not i claim the patent right now:-) It just seems like that would be a really obvious easy thing for longer recording times etc. i have a 1 tb drive that would easily fit next to my gh2. im not sure about transfer rates etc but isnt this a decent viable idea? Cheers
  3. Hi folks, this is my first post. The title is basically the question im asking. Can you hook up  a DSLR to an external hdd via an sd to usb adapter and therefore not have to buy numerous sd cards with limited recording capacities? Thanks for any input in advance.
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