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  1. Hi, Switters,

    I shot a low budget web series last summer using 3 hacked GH1s, Rode video mics on cameras and a couple of Sennheiser wireless lavs recording to a Zoom for audio. You can see some of it here: [url=http://www.inthedriversseatonline.com]www.inthedriversseatonline.com[/url]. So don't be afraid of using a hacked GH1 or GH2! Both are available at pretty good prices.

    I have recently been using a Zoom H1 for audio. It is an excellent option at a reasonable cost (about $100). Combined with a Rode video mic placed just out of frame you get quality audio recording without the hassle of lavs.

    A no-frills option for lights is to build them! You can use easily available parts (I went to Lowes). A cheap multi-light bathroom fixture ($18 for six sockets), a plug, and a half dozen 100w-equivalent fluorescent bulbs (daylight balanced), a couple of broom storage clips or clamps, and about 20 minutes of time will get you a 600 watt fluorescent soft light. Use a couple of black foam core sheets for spill control and you are in business for under $50 per light. (Clamp lights with the 100watt flo bulbs are also useful and cheap.)

    Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks, Andrew!

    Great information and helps to cut through some of the confusion about the variety of hacks available.

    Regarding the new film modes, I noticed you are suggesting using nostalgic at +2 contrast while in the handbook you recommended -2. Why the change? Better footage out of the camera, with less grading?

    Thanks for your time!
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