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  1. - Red One Mysterium-X body - PL Mount - Nikon Mount - 6x 16GB Red CF cards - Red SDI HD adapter - Red Pro LCD + cable - Magic arm - Red Cradle - AC adapter - Top handle + rails The camera doesn't have any problem. Has low hours (I think around 600h, but I can confirm it). It's located in Lisbon, Portugal. Price: 3500€ + shipping Email: fespinto@gmail.com
  2. The package includes: - Red One camera (around 300h) - PL Mount - Red Cradle - Red Pro LCD (has a small mark but works fine) + cable - 2x Red Drives (640GB and 120GB) + cable - Top handle and 2 rails The camera works fine but when is powered continuously for 7/8 hours some small red dots start showing in the image. I heard this is normal, it's due to sensor overheating. It was never a problem for me because I use it for 2/3 hours continuously maximum and then I turn it off to change set or batteries and the red dots never show up. The camera is located in Lisbon, Portugal. Price: 2500€ + shipping Email: fespinto@gmail.com
  3. Was wondering what the general opinion on grabbing a used Red ONE or what have you is? In my search for a camera, I've kind of ignored Red because I've always thought them to be out of my price range. But looking around, it appears you can get a ONE for relatively "cheap" (4-5k). Would grabbing on of those be preferable to anything else in the price range? I like it because it's 4K compressed RAW, PL mount, and has anamorphic mode for 2.40 aspect ratio. Not sure if there are any known issues to be aware of, or if other options outshine it? Another option i was looking at is a KineMini, but literally nobody in the U.S. has one soooooo....not looking good there. Opinions?
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