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My cameras and kit

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  1. FOR SALE - SILENCER PRO TRIGGERED FOLLOW FOCUS We are selling our Silencer, which is a follow focus that operates with a finger trigger. It was imported from the USA from a company called 24shots. This package contains all the items listed here: http://www.24shots.com/silencer-pro-trigger-controlled-cam…/ The item is practically new, due to gear changes we no longer require it. The item is $600 new + VAT and custom charges, however we will sell the item off for £200. Please email oliver@videoink.co.uk or PM
  2. The NX1 camera, 16-50mm S lens, battery grip with extra battery, and lens hood come in like-new condition. No markings or scuffs on camera body or lens. Looks brand-new, no cosmetic imperfections. Comes with a Patchworks ITG tempered glass screen protector applied to protect the AMOLED touchscreen (no scratches on screen). Also includes an Altura set of filters - Polarizer, UV, and ND 4. The small rubber piece you remove when attaching battery grip is missing (pictured). You can buy replacement from Samsung for $6.99 online, but I always leave the grip attached. Camera, lens and accessories are gently and minimally used. I take a lot of pride in my gear and always keep everything in great like-new condition. Doesn't come in original box, but will be professionally repackaged. I love this camera, but have invested heavily in my Sony a7s cameras, and could use the extra cash. This is a great camera. Also comes with lens pouch, camera strap, charger and manuals. Any questions email me at bbjornst@outlook.com Best wishes, Bradley
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