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My cameras and kit

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  1. All of the gear below has been used, but not abused. Everything works smoothly, focus rings, apertures. The lenses are as pictured, and the dust on them will be included free of charge! Sorry, I was shooting them with flash in a fairly dim environment. The Voigtlader lenses will all come with the filter that I kept on them. I haven't used them much, and these days the opportunities are fewer and farther apart. I live in Northern NJ just outside of NYC if anyone is local and would like to see them. Voigtlander Nokton: 10.5 $950.00 17.5 $750.00 (no box) 25II $650.00 42.5 $650.00 - Buy all four and I'll take off $200.00 from the total. The Voigtlander's have grown fond of each other sitting in my cabinet not getting used much. They'd like to stay together, so I'd prefer to sell them as a set. This whole set was shot with the 17.5 and 25: https://www.mikepeters-photography.com/Category/The-Race-of-Gentlemen/ Canon FD: 135 2.0 $420 135 2.8 $110 100 2.0 $320.00 28 2.0 $220.00 - First two to sell will get a FD - M43 adapter Canon F1n w/50mm 1.4 - $150 Set of four FOTASY FD to SONY NEX adapters, one with foot - $30 If you buy all four FD lenses I'll include the FD to NEX adapters, no charge ZHONGYI LENS TURBO II CANON FD - M43 $100 Contax AE: 135 2.8 $220.00 with M43 Adapter ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING WILL ACCEPT ONLY PAYPAL, OR CASH IN PERSON ITEMS LOCATED IN NJ, USA SHIPPING TO USA ONLY BUYER MUST HAVE A VERIFIED PAYPAL ADDRESS
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