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My cameras and kit

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  1. Redrock Micro Mini Handheld rig for mirror less cameras. This rig is in excellent condition. Price: $245.00 Payment method: PayPal Lightly used Redrock Micro Mini Handheld Rig for Mirror less Cameras. Excellent condition. Can be configured in a variety of ways to suit most shooting styles. https://shop.redrockmicro.com/product/mini-handheld-rig-for-mirrorless-cameras/ I am asking 245.00 shipped within the USA. will ship internationally at buyer expense.
  2. Dear Panasonic. :) This new GH4 seems great and I bet that many of us indie folk and others thank you for listening. Since you may soon find out with strong sales of the GH4 it's smart bussiness to listen. The next camera you could and should do is an improved version of GH4 but with more video work in mind. Make it so that it does not have a handle but a handle is removable and comes in the package as standard. Then make a link that enables two of the cameras to be synchronized via cable or connector for 3D-work. This would mean the camera needs to have the battery under (accessible from back wall) or behind the screen and accessible from bottom. -Use the newer SD card system. -Add higer bit rates for 4K .. (100 is not alot GH4) -and more bith depth. . 12 bit would be good. (perhaps only via sata connector) -add higher frame rate. 48FPS at least for 4K .. would be great -Add an external sata connector so users can record to an SSD if the high FPS + bitdepth require too much from the SD cards. And to top it off.. If you can make a new sensor 8 K resolution or 4 K which dimensions conform to video work first and for photography second. A pure 4K / 6K resolution video sensor in micro four thirds mount would be sweet and likely less noisy.
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