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  1. Have been an ebayer buyer for years since they were a baby. For the most time had pretty good experience. I appreciate though times are a changing and there are always fraudsters out there.

    I suspect that this is why facebook marketplace is making surge. I have bought camera and lenses through this medium (in the last MTH) with great bargain prices. Sold older photography stuff without fees. Speaks for itself as one comment already, sell local. 

    Ebay died for me five years ago when online shops started to flood it it then became harder to find the personal seller against businesses. And prices got more than local stores.

    I haven't traded at all in five years, and if i have, always gone in with my eyes wide open.

    Sorry to hear your scam. Just keep on at ebay, you will eventually get there. Just for the record, mobile phones have always been a dodgy area on ebay they had to do something to protect the buyers. Sadly this penalises the honest sellers as in your case. 

    Lesson learnt for you i guess.


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