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  1. On 11/8/2014 at 7:30 AM, nahua said:

    Is it in focus though?  Some lenses require F5.6 or F8 to be in focus.  Even the coveted Helios 44-2 requires F4-5.6 to be sharp on some anamorphics.  If possible try the lens before you buy.

    Very true... did several tests to get to same result. I´m struggling to get a good infinity focus on longer lenses... From 200mm - 300mm  it gets very hard.

    I´ve tried as a Taking Lens on a Schneider Kreuznach:

    Canon 300mm F4L IS

    Result: Impossible to focus at the moment. Anyone knows to explain a possible optics incompatibility?

    Takumar 200mm F3.5

    Result: Quite ok but not perfect - See de video...

    Takumar 120mm

    Good result at F8-F11

    Helios 44M-6

    Perfect focus from F5.6


  2. Any experiencies with long taking lens - I,m trying wit a Schneider Kreuznach and a Takumar 200mm f3.5 and it´s very hard to get a clean infinity focus.  Also tried with a Canon 300mm F4 L and them it´s doesn´t work at any distance.

    Is there anyone using with sucess a long taking lens, 200mm-300mm?

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