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  1. On 1/28/2020 at 4:26 PM, wolf33d said:

    Well, ladies and gentlemen are we in the most exciting year since a decade for video gear? If this is true then yes. Canon rumors is usually reliable unlike Sony Alpha Rumors that is pure BS. Especially when rated CR3. So here you have it.

    Canon EOS R5 for photo + in february

    45mpx / IBIS / 8k30p and 4k120p / canon DPAF. Comes with Canon colors and menus that we know.  My dream camera and then more... the one I have been wishing for since many years on EOSHD. The one that could take me back to Canon. 

    Also if true, Sony is dead. Canon took a massive hit with Sony being far better than their products since the A7III. They saw a massive number of people like me jump boat, even if massively invested in their system. They released in rush and too late an absolutely shitty EOS R, with laughable video specs, mediocre stills performance (FPS, dynamic range...), no IBIS and early gen mistakes. They should be dying now or soon. Yet before dying it seems they are giving all they can now to make a turn. We can clearly see that with the 1DX3, and HOPEFULLY we will see that with that thing. 
    Why R5? Is it to rule the Sony RIV? :).

    Anyway Specs sound unreal... so brace yourself. But dreaming is free.


    Great assessment - I agree on your wrap up. Except the dying part. Canon has as a market share for interchangeable lens cameras equal to Sony and Nikon combined, so relative to the competition, they're not dying by any means. But technologically, I totally agree they're playing catchup on the video front for this form factor.

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