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  1. On 8/6/2019 at 12:28 AM, ac6000cw said:

    Just so we know, is this with 4k24p, 4k30, 4k60 or 1080p, and using FF or APS-C mode?


    On 8/6/2019 at 12:22 AM, Andrew Reid said:

    LOL. It's not the camera.

    What problem with your computer / display do you have?

    What player did you see the moire in?

    It's more evident 1080 25p.

    Found it through all the resolution thought.


  2. Sorry guys,

    17 pages of "how cool is this camera" best cine mirrorless ever, blablabla, and NOT one mention to the devastating moire??

    I m an early adopter of the S1, it's a great machine (even if, when looking for cinematic images i choose my bmpcc4k) BUT the moire is killing me. When working with it i found myself always scared of shirts and jackets, just like in the early 90'. Every interview is a dice roll, striped shits, tartan, all brings moire in the footage. Even walls made of bricks, or decorated tiles scares me with this camera. I hoped It could be solved in the last updates, but it's not. So, i m selling the camera.

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