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  1. This is a super helpful post--thanks for this!

    Curious why you went with the F7s over the 672s (or even the 528s)? Supposedly, the 672s produces 6k+ lux vs. 3k for two f7s combined. The 672s also comes with 2 NPF-970 batteries, AC adapter and remote for $278 (versus $200 for a pair of F7s). The footprint is about the same and while the beam angle is tighter (25 degrees vs. 45 for the F7), the umbrella should help spread it out a bit. Only real advantages to the F7 (from what I can tell) is the ability to split them up and battery life (but only 50-60% the output of the 672 and about 75% of the 528). Welcome your thoughts and thanks again!

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