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  1. Hey guys,


    i'm bad at math and i don't really get the focal lenght of my lenses with a 0.7x focal reducer on the bmpcc 4k.

    I have a samyang 12mm micro 4/3,  if i get it right in this sensor it will be a 23 mm more or less

    a Nikon 20mm 2.8, a 38-39 mm without focal reducer, with the focal reducer it would be a 24 mm, am i right ? 

    if it's like that, wouldn't make much sense to buy a focal reducer...

  2. hi guys, how are you all?


    I'm getting crazy watching videos since a month, comparing cameras, prices, rigs...really getting crazy.

    I sold my camera and some lenses to buy the Pocket cinema camera 4k, but now I'm really not decided. I used to work shooting anything they asked me to make some money, i am a dslr guy with 10 years experience now. I want to go on and have a good, raw 4 k camera and i thought the BMPPC 4k would be perfect, but most of the videos i see on internet scare me. 

    I want to start a movie project with some actors, and this camera doesn't look cinematic at all. In really few cases it gave me the cinematic feeling. 

    I'm on ebay and i see some Ursa mini 4K are selling at around 1300 euros. Also, there are many Blackmagic Production Camera 4k at less than 1000. I'm really confused, I'd love the ursa mini for the ergonomics but i can't go above that price, the Production camera is an ergonomic nightmare and i hate the fact you cannot use it handheld, but is cheaper.

    If you could choose between a Ursa Mini 4k, BMPCC 4k (both at around 1300-1400 euros) and BMPC 4k (at 800) for my kind of project, considering the money you have to spend to add cards, ssds, etc, what would you buy?

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