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  1. On 9/23/2021 at 10:41 AM, Benjamin Hilton said:

    What is your budget and prefered size?

    Budget is 300$, 5.5 inch will be okay.

    Mostly interested in Portkeys LH5P or Atomos Shinobi as i want to control wireless different cameras.

  2. I am planning to buy monitor which I am gonna use with different cameras.
    So I need something universal monitor which gonna work with Blackmagic, Canon, Sony, Red cameras.
    They should have color accuracy closer to cameras monitor and of course touchscreen.
    Please share which one you would recommend and which one do you using right now.

  3. As we know Sigma cine zoom lenses are made from the same glass as Sigma's 18-35 and 50-100mm still lenses have.

    So question is this, does Tokina Cinema 11-20mm T2.9 ATX and Tokina 50-135mm T2.9 Mark II Cinema ATX lenses are made from same glass as their still versions?
    If yes can you tell me the full name of that still version? Because there are ton of tokina still lenses and i couldn't figure out or you can share a b&h,amazon link.
    I am just doing some research, thanks.

  4. Hi i am using Saramonic UwMIC9 96-channel digital UHF wireless  microphone system, which includes 2x TX9 bodypack transmitter and RX9 portable receiver.

    Problem is that both of my RX9 receivers record volume in a different level during video interviews when i record 2 people at the same time and my wish is to equalize both receivers recording level at the same height.
    I even make myself tests when i read same text with both receivers but receiver with Group B at 556.510Mhz was low and Group A with 514.560Mhz was much higher. I have checked all the settings on the receivers and they are the same, but i don't understand why during recording interviews of people both receivers record volume in a different level. Any advice will be helpful, thanks.


  5. In late this summer i'm planning to buy camera (Canon R5 / Sony A7IV (if it will be announced) / Red Komodo), RF lenses and different accessories for one of that cameras.
    So i need to travel to one of the european cities like London, Berlin or ... or to Dubai to purchase them directly from Canon shop or specific brand representatives or large markets specialised in selling video equipment. As you are more experienced in purchasing camera gear so from where would you suggest me to purchase in which city of the Europe and or in Dubai? Please if there is specific shop, store add their website, thanks.

  6. Hi to all, anyone who use BMPCC6K did you find a solution to make image more stabilized and autofocus more accurate using mount adapers?

    Example  if i want to use on BMPCC6K with Canon EF glass which don't have IBIS, is there any way to use specific adapter which will allows me to have IBIS and more accurate autofocus?

  7. 12 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

    The Aputure Light Storm C300d I see used on C Stands all the time.

    The Aputure Light Storm C300d has a packaging weight of 25.5lbs, thus I'm sure the weight of the light itself is under 22lbs. 

    But yes, if you're using it with a C Stand you'd definitely want to use it with a sandbag or two, and not try to get away with none. 

    If you're going for something heavier duty than a C Stand then you're looking at the likes of a Combo Stand, which is even more expensive (and heavier! Thus much more expensive indeed to ship to Armenia).


    Hmmm... cheaper than I thought! Can be got for only US$200ish, with free shipping to NZ for a 3m or 4m Combo Stand. (don't bother with the low boy however. I'm tempted to get a low boy though as a mic stand)

    today i am gonna spend long time in search of best c stand on aliexpress )

    thanks for quick reply

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