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  1. Hey guys,

    Has anyone shot something similar to this?https://youtu.be/CVayZ3MRhys

    I have so many questions about the specifics, is the camera shake all done in post? What focal length is most of this shot at? How much speeding up is done in post? What are some of the most important techniques to remember when filming fast cars? What would be your top 10 tips for doing a shoot similar to this?

    Any help, or even being able to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t these specs seem a little excessive for a mirror less body? It makes a lot more sense to see Sony trying to absolutely dominate the cinema cameras under $20k (C200,C300,FS Series, EVA 1, UMP, etc).


    They’ve absolutely killed the mirrorless competition so maybe they’re looking to dominate the sub $15,000 cinema cameras. Considering cropped 4K 60 is still in the early stages right now doesn’t uncropped 8K 60 seem a little excessive for a mirrorless body, if it’s even possible for anything less than $20k.


    Again I could be completely wrong and a lot of you guys seem to know more than what I do, just a thought.

  3. Thanks for all the replies! 

    I've done some thinking and it's definitely a camera ill be getting, im just in love with my A7III at the moment, yes there a better things just around the corner but i need the 1DX2 preferably before next weekend, it's size doesn't bother me at all. I appreciate everyones comments but im confident that ill love every moment with this camera.

  4. 9 minutes ago, JurijTurnsek said:

    Since Sony is now facing some direct competition in the "basic" and "R" models from Nikon and Panasonic, they would be wise to go full-ham with their "S" outlier - ditch the mechanical shutter completely for a variable ND from FS5 and sprinkle some PDAF pixels on that global shutter silicone.

    Is anything equivalent/better then the 1DX2 DPAF? If the A7SIII has uncropped 4k 60 I’m sold, anything else at this point is a bonus. Perfect for what I need.

  5. 1 minute ago, DBounce said:

    @joshhr FF is great for stills, but in my experiance not so much for vidoe, where context is important to telling the story. The 1DXMk2 shoots a little wider than S35 in video mode. It's more than enough. If you shoot FF with crazy dof, you will be hard pressed to keep anything in focus. There is a reason S35 is the standard for movies.

    I tend to do a bit of both, more so video but occasionally i'll take some photos for couples etc, the 1DX2 seems like a great option but i have my fingers crossed the A7SIII will blow my mind.

  6. 52 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

    Absolutely not. In a few days Panasonic will announce 2 4k60p FF camera. 
    A7S III will have 4K60p too. 

    I would not spend 6K on an 1.5Kg 2 years old camera with 1.3 crop when better lighter and cheaper is coming. 

    AT LEAST wait for the announcements and rent a camera if you need until then. 

    Yeah but as someone else mentioned theres always something just around the corner. I might wait to hear what the A7SIII has to offer but if it takes more than 2 months i'll probably pick up the 1dx2. 


    46 minutes ago, mkabi said:

    I'm making an assumption here... given that you are in this forum and not some other forum, you are more inclined towards video.

    And, given that you are not invested in any ecosystem, I recommend that you stay that way... if you are going to invest in lenses look at PL lenses. May be get 1 kit lens with whatever camera you want... this is the advice I give anyone, this way you are not disappointed with a particular brand/system for not bringing out the latest/finest. 

    My current recommendation is get the X-T3.

    If you want to wait for the Panasonic FF or A7S3... then wait... but you could be waiting and waiting and waiting for something better to come along all the time... if you need something now... well look at the options you have now.


    the X-T3 is definitely something that i'm intersted in, but after using my first full frame camera i don't think i'll ever be able to go back to a smaller sensor.

  7. Especially with all the upcoming cameras, it looks like an incredible camera, I need a secondary camera. Should I wait for the A7S3 or the new FF Panasonic, or bite the bullet and grab the 1DX2? I’m not bothered about buying new lenses or body as I’m not really invested in any ecosystem at this stage.


    4K 60 is absolutely essential, weight isn’t an issue and needs good low light performance which leads me to believe the 1DX2 is perfect.

  8. On 8/31/2018 at 11:10 AM, wolf33d said:

    Not normal. 

    Try Cine 2 with Pro color in camera without any other profile. Should not be noisy at all at 1600 ISO. Verify you are in 4K 100mbps 

    I’m being told it’s possibly the monitor I’m viewing my footage through, was shot at 1080 60fps. Mind checking it out for me?



  9. I shot some footage using pro colour V4 on the A7iii and 16-35 f4 and im finding the footage to be incredibly noisey and 1600 iso and even lower iso's, when shooting with ISO over 1000 should i expose right of centre and then bring exposure down in post to try and get rid of noise?

  10. 1 minute ago, Mark Romero 2 said:

    Hi there, Josh:

    I shoot real estate stills for a living (as well as real estate video)

    What you really need is correct white balance and using flash when you can't overcome the nasty color cast with white balance adjustment alone.

    Assuming you are using a tripod, if the lighting is real bad you can turn off the lights. Just set the camera for daylight and have a long exposure. It is not like the room is going anywhere.

    I've never really dealt with stills myself, although i'd love to learn it's just so hard to find the resources to begin to wrap my head around it. All i really know is you need 2 exposures. 

    I use manual white balance but i will admit i'm just trying to match what im seeing in the camera LCD to what my eyes are seeing, not using a white balance card or anything. If i'm getting to kinds of mixed light i'll usually turn the lights off and use the sunlight. Regardless, i think these settings will only help me becuase i'll have a lot less grading to do and get nice colours.

  11. 3 hours ago, Drew Allegre said:

    Pro Color doesn't really improve bad lighting, it just gives a relatively (subjectively) pleasing look out of the camera.  Imho, it works reasonably well in low light with tungsten or high CRI LED lighting, but it is definitely recommended that you use manual white balance.  There is a certain point where you just need more or higher quality lighting.  Also, if you're talking about sodium lighting, well, there's very little that can be done about that other than embrace the look or bring your own light.

    Afaik, there is a version of Pro Log in the works for A7III and A7RIII, but the current one was developed for older A series cameras.

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah okay, i do use manual white balance, it seems like using these settings will give me great results straight out of the camera which is what i want, less time grading would be awesome! 

    Perfect, i cant wait for LOG.

    3 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Pro LOG is being updated for the A7 III. It will come out soon!

    With poorly lit rooms, energy saving lighting is bad for the yellow-green cast. Orange / warm tone is dealt better with Pro Color. You'll see best results in houses that use incandescent and halogen lighting, and an improvement with the standard LEDS... but no matter what camera or colour profile you use, lighting is SUCH a big factor, bigger than the camera can overcome by itself. Why not get some lights in addition to Pro Color?

    Thanks! Is there a particular profile that's better for certain situations? Because i understand theres a HDR version as well? 

    I've been thinking about lights, i was going to pick up a couple of smaller ones to try and keep my gear to a minimum seeing as i change location so often.

  12. Hi Guys,

    Loving the look of the camera settings, i shoot mostly real estate and i sometimes come across really dark and poorly lit rooms with gross orange/yellow lighting, would using either of the pro colour profiles help me? From what i can gather it will give me great colours straight out of the camera which would be awesome so i don't have to spend a lot of time grading, if any at all.

    Also, will the Pro LOG settings work for an A7iii? or are they for older A series cameras.



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