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  1. I would be more than happy to shoot my next short on one if one was on offer. Image looks great. That being said if I'm laying down my own cash there is just too much on offer else where that is that little bit more tempting. My current thoughts are to get an xt3 along side/instead of my xh1. Or a blackmagic pocket 4k. Or just stick with the xh1 a while and see how it all plays out (new Panasonic, new a7iii etc) I'm in no rush but I do love a new camera ?
  2. Canon must be treating people real well .. "I prefer one card slot" Camera "amazing" focus "amazing" new lenses "amazing" I'm sure it's a very nice camera but come on
  3. NX1 is obviously still a very high spec camera even in 2018, but I think with a couple of stop better high ISO, 4k60, and half the rolling shutter the Fuji has to be the better choice. If it's worth selling a NX1 to get one I guess depends on how valuable those benefits would be to you. Camera price is way to high in Euros !!! In Egypt it works out to 1070 euro ! And even UK price is better than Euro for once
  4. Inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing
  5. Oh dear they don't really understand raw or prores at all ,they think raw related to the 'film' profile and proress to 'video'. I suppose such a cheap cinema cam puts itself within reach of people that don't really understand what they are getting. Nice to see more articles popping up though
  6. I only really use vintage lenses, I currently have a set of Nikon ais lenses on a speed booster on the xh1, so I use it like a full frame camera really. still I agree with waiting to see what Panasonic bring. I need to lock my wallet shut for a few weeks and see how things play out ?.
  7. Really great looking camera, IV been enjoying my xh1 and need to decide if I should pick one of these up in addition/instead of or wait for xh2 ummmmm or get p4k instead ? Good news is (I'm from UK) living in Egypt and have a great direct Fuji contact that will let it go for £995 GBP Is that a good enough excuse to buy it and keep the xh1? Probably not ... But then again.. In all seriousness I would love a day with this, a nikon z6 and a p4k
  8. I'm aware of your work on the gh5 but have not tested it myself. In truth I was thinking about it but I have started using my Fuji xh1 for still and video most of the time now, I find the eterna profile with sharpness and noise reduction turned down to to have a more pleasing, less 'processed' look.... The same reason I'm still looking at the p4k I guess
  9. Unless the gh5 spits out raw and bypasses the built in noise reduction and sharpening I would be surprised if indistinguishable could be achieved. I'd imagine a very well made lut could get the colour close however and that would be most welcome regardless ?
  10. A bigger hole let's in more light, as in covers a larger area, this does not effect the intensity of light. Smaller hole - less coverage at same intensity. The parts the light are hitting are still getting same level of light. Aperture equivalent is is useful to get same depth of field from a 25mm M4/3 lens to match a 50mm full frame. The 25mm needs a faster setting to match the same depth of field. Regardless for exposure- f2 is f2 is f2 ?
  11. I don't think this is a Lumix count down to a cinema cam.. my bets on some closer to a full frame gh5. I really like my gh5 but hope they tone down or finally allow the user to turn off sharpness and noise reduction.
  12. Which model of Tokina ATX pro are people liking for video? ... I'm a little behind on that one
  13. Everyone has opinions but for my part I'm with you 100%. I base this on having ran 3 recording studios, one of which has a 24 track studer tape machine and large vintage cadac desk. To me the difference is always instant and obvious. Blind or not. Still record digital 99% of the time tho ? I also enjoy cameras that have a touch of mojo. I'm mainly using my Fuji xh1 in place of my gh5 for this reason. Canon c100/300, digital bolex d16, bmpcc,gh2 and Fuji give me the images I like. I had a Sony for while and made a couple of music vids but the image just isn't quite right for me even after grading
  14. I picked up a Fuji xh1 3 months ago (and had gh5 for a while now) so I'm not rushing out to grab another camera just yet (lying to myself). I was going to get an atomos ninja v to use mainly as a bright monitor, but nice to see if a new Nikon found its way to me I could get 10bit log out of it with this. A shame it's not internal but great to see it's there anyway. Full frame, nice colour, 10 bit. A lot to like. Shame the LCD isn't bigger. If I do decide I need a full frame (I will) to accompany my M4/3 and apsc I would wait to see the a7siii, maybe the Venice colour can finally compete with the other brands for me ?. Also if canon do something it could be worth a look. Oh and the bmpcc 4k is a given. Current odds of me buying a Nikon z6 50% (75%). Odds of divorce....
  15. +1 one the bigger lcd. 4 inch would be perfect... Oled ? And I'd agree Sony's menu button is about as frustrating as the menu itself
  16. Sony for all the reasons that make sense. Fuji for everything else I'm using an Xh1 for taking pretty pictures
  17. Oh and this was a a7ii too (I was taking stills but also made a bonus highlight video). Both vids hand held, the ibis is good enough to remove the micro jitters. I had just a Canon fd 24mm and 50mm for both vids https://youtu.be/mJIk4Lv1Es4
  18. Of course like most cameras these days it's possible to get good results. There are better options clearly when it comes to video but here is a vid I shot on the a7 ii a year or 2 ago. (To see something by someone with less talent than the example above) Mostly just to put some video to my music and it's the cam I had with me in Kazakhstan at the time.
  19. Robin

    festival Submissions

    @fuzzynormal Many thanks for your advice. I just made use of your festival promo code for my short 'Hunter' x
  20. I would welcome it as a feature but wouldnt pay anymore if there was two versions of the same camera with and without. But then I very rarely use auto even for stills. Only if I need a weather sealed lens like the 35mm f2 wr on my xh1. 99% of the time I'm manual on canon FD's for stills and video. It's more fun and keeps my manual focus skills in good shape ? I could see how useful it would be if you like gimbals however, or had bad eye sight.
  21. Robin

    festival Submissions

    @Raafi Rivero thanks for the informative response, exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Time to try a few submissions ?
  22. Finally grabbed an Xh1. Planning a short that I'm going to use it on, so nothing much to share yet. I have been looking for a remote looking location in Cairo and got a few shots at this cool looking place ..... (Just over the hills are built up Cairo all around) fuji 35mm f2 Eterna with +1 colour -4 sharpness and noise reduction
  23. Hello, I am submitting a short to a few film festivals for the first time (I usually make music vids but trying narrative film). Any advice from your own experience is welcome including any small festival jem's that are easy to overlook. First of all I have a technical questions.. I filmed on a bmmcc in 1080. I am cropping to 2:35 using the 'output blanking' in resolve. I am still exporting the full 1920x1080. Sooo when a festival asks if the film is 'flat' which the file size is or scope which the visible image is, what do I choose. Or should I be exporting into a wider scope ratio rather than 1920x1080 with black bars added. Thanks in advance for any help and advice ?
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