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  1. 3 hours ago, Phil A said:

    I just can't really understand the exceeding praise for the X-T2 for video to be honest. Yes, the Fuji colors straight out of the camera are nice. It's an amazing camera for photography (except for the X-Trans being sub-optimal with Lightroom). But the rolling shutter is basically the same as NX1/A7s/A7r and everyone hates on these cameras for having "too much" rolling shutter (shooting handheld with the NX1 IS a jello fest). It shoots the same 8bit 4:2:0 footage like the others, it can't even do log internally (and everyone hates on Canon for omitting CLog from cameras). After all this is a 1700€ APS-C camera and I feel like it's just "me too" when it comes to video.

    Sometimes this forum baffles me. Some manufacturers get so much more leeway than others.

    I kinda get where you're coming from and it puzzles me too.

    I am very tempted by the X-T20 with it's form factor and pricing, but I find Fuji face/skin tones to be either too saturated, waxy, or it looks as though the people were drinking and their faces have a shade of pink. For example, in the Fuji Guy's run down video of the X-T20, Billy has a really pink blush. When I look through the other X-T2 videos and the different colour profiles and even for Pro Neg and Classic Chrome, they kind of remind me of the colours from the videos I get from my old Nikon D3100. Not having internal log/flat from the get go is kinda weird. Even Nikon's newest second-last tier APSC camera D5600 also has the flat profile.

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