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  1. On 12/17/2016 at 0:11 PM, emerrow said:

    Thanks so much, Eric! The only adjustment I made was that I set the color phase at 0 in camera with the a6500 settings. In post, all I did was stabilize some clips since I was using an old FD 50/1.4. I thought about bringing the saturation down a tad but I figured that since it was such an overcast day I would leave it be as it may add a cool look. Also, I was using the standard "daylight" white balance

    I prefer color phase 0 as well.

  2. 3 hours ago, AlperKasap said:


    I used these pro settings for the first time today and i found the skint ones to be very RED even when perfectly exposed and correct white balance skin tones where just too redish...

    Not sure if these settings are correct ? Can anyone clarify ?


    Try setting the color phase to 0 you can read more about it in the picture profiles advice section.

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