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  1. On 2016-06-23 at 9:38 AM, DBounce said:

    I pull the battery, hold down the power button for 5 seconds, then reinsert the battery and turn it on. It seemed to work to clear up miscellaneous errors.


    thanks I will try it next time -

  2. On 2016-06-15 at 0:26 PM, DBounce said:

    My A7Rii did need the occasional reboot.

    how did you reboot the camera? - my a7sii had a pretty weird problem with a "camera error" advice and in the technical service they reset the camera to factory settings and now it is working right. I tried the setting reset in the menu but it did not work.


  3. 6 hours ago, Davey said:

    Are you using third party batteries?

    nope, I use Sony batteries. When I turn on the camera the sensor "jumps" or accommodates and then the camera comes into error. I don't know how to explain it better.

  4. Hello

    When I turn on my A7SII I receive a message "Camera Error. Turn Power Off Then On". This is happening specially when I have the mode dial in M but in Movie as well. If I turn on the camera looking down in Movie the problem does not happen.


    Any ideas of what is happening or if there is something that I can do before drive 55 KM to the technical service?



  5. In this side of the world, when you switch from NTSC to PAL in the A7SII, you will receive in the LCD a "running on PAL" advice every time you turn on the camera. I find this "feature" pretty annoying, especially if you are documenting news. It is possible to remove that advice?


    And happy new year!

  6. I think it is a great author movie, not for Western fans like myself, in fact I am sure that 90% of the groupies last night never watched a classic of the genre ; but it is pretty funny (Samuel L. Jackson speaking in slow motion was hilarious) with a lot of references from Leone to Wes Craven. And the screening was just beautiful.

  7. I watched the movie last night and it is glorious, I would have liked to see more landscapes to enjoy the format, most of the movie happens indoor, but you can see lot of details everywhere, like in the old times, but better.


    And Tarantino is not alone http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/behind-screen/help-star-wars-kodak-ceo-848593


  8. I was having an issue with the a7Sii in artificial light conditions that I thought it was because the white balance was incorrect. The problem disappeared after the upgrade or at least it did not happen when I tried to replicate the light conditions during a test, but suddenly something more weird happened. If you review the video, the last two shots are after the upgrade and the very last is without the lens. It is pretty obvious to me that the camera has technical issue...


  9. So I bought a Metabones Mark IV and it is a big difference with the Fotodiox, not only the AF works faster but it has minimal internal reflections and, best of all, the Metabones for the A7S is almost $300 cheaper that Metabones for the A7R

  10. maybe I was too drastic: fotodiox could work if you have everything under control during the shooting, especially with the lights. here you can see up-to the right how a distant traffic light coming into the lens, for example.


  11. Yes, it is bad. You will have lots of strange lights coming into your lens and a flicker every time you open the aperture, even if you are using program, and say good bye to auto focus. But I suspect that others are not much better.

  12. Hello,

    could somebody explain me why most of the users of Sony A7 use Metabones with Canon?
    They are the most expensive adapters and they have the same problems than the cheap ones with parasite lights coming into the lens, at least the reviews say that. It is just because the Autofocus "is not that bad"?, personally I don't use AF with video. I am using a Fotodiox and it is terrible but I don't want to spend $800 in another one that is just a little better.


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