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    Hi there, this is my first post on EOSHD !! (been reading for a loooooong tine though).
    I have an Iscorama 36 for sale, it's the 'Pre' version, Nikkon mount, basically the good version ! The one without multi-coating, so great for all those cinematic lens flares, it comes with two diopters, a Cokin (1D) and the much sought after (and surprisingly rare!) Tokina ATX MC. It also comes with the receiving lens (which I never really use) and a 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor, which I use instead of the standard receiving lens for its stellar sharpness and extra light gathering goodness. 
    So . . . . here's the whole lot . . . 
    Iscorama 36 - great condition, no fungus or mould, or trapped flies : ) a few specks of dust as to be expected on a lens this age (which of course doesn't effect your image).
    Iscorama receiving lens, as standard on the  Iscorama 36 - it has a slightly misaligned blade in the aperture opening, I expect you wouldn't notice it in your shot results, but to be honest like pretty much everyone else I don't use the standard lens and mount the 36 on a better quality lens like the . . . 
    Nikkor 50 f/1.8 - great condition, pretty much as new !
    52mm - 49mm step up/down ring to mount the Isco on the Nikkor.
    Novoflex Nikkon to EOS mount ring - I use this to mount the setup on my Canon 5D, but you can obviously pop it off and also mount the lens on Nikkon too.
    Tokina ATX (super rare) diopter, fantastic for those close up shots, comes in case, fantastic condition, basically as new.
    Cokin diopter (1D), great condition too, but not as sexy or as rare as the ATX !
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    This is for pick up only, I'm in London U.K (Camden area)
    I'm looking for £3,000, but am open to some degree of negotiation.
    All the best
    Lee Wilson (P.S the same Lee Wilson who posts on DVXUser !)

    P.S. I'm sure anyone who looking to invest in an Iscorama already knows about their magic so doesn't need to see example images, but here's one of my son ignoring me : )

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