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  1. Is H265 compatible with any editing software like premiere yet? How heavy is it for declmressingand working with for realtime playback and editing.

    Did not imagine Samsung having the most interesting announcement at the show. Great stuff H265 is finally here!




    I've read that Adobe didn't have plans for this in the "next 3-6 months" earlier this year.  so I contacted Samsung support, who didn't give too much more detail.  Here's what they wrote:


    Dear Michael Boldin, 


    Thank you for contacting Samsung. I see that you would like to know if the Adobe Premiere Pro supports importing MP4 H.265 videos recorded on the Camera. I am afraid we do not have exact information on the features available on Adobe Premiere Pro. Please contact Adobe support for exact information. The Camera is provided with drivers and RAW converter software. You can download the software and drivers using the link below. Select Downloads >> Drivers/Software below the picture. 


    Please check with the software support to find information on available functions. 



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