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  1. Hi Sir Danish,


    Thanks for the reply.


    Yes, I think I have exactly the same problem, but worse.

    Most of the time the blurriness appears on the left side, but sometime it's on the right side as well.


    I also replaced the product (SB for BMPCC) as soon as I found this problem, but the second one has

    the same problem as well.


    I have BMPCC, SB for BMPCC and several Nikon mount lenses but no MFT lens, so I borrowed SLR

    magic F0.95 lens (MFT mount) from a friend then I had the similar problem with no Speedbooster.


    Then I thought the problem is BMPCC itself and sent it to Blackmagic Japan for check the product.

    Blackmagic Japan checked my BMPCC with Cosina Voigtlander 17.5mm F0.95 and could not find

    any blurriness in any cases, and they said this is the problem of compatibility between Speedbooster

    + BMPCC or the SLRmagic lens + BMPCC.


    The followings are the data which I found this problem at the very first time.

    I shot this footage with my BMPCC, SB for BMPCC + Nikon AF50mm F1.4D at a Japanese shrine.

    Those two images are 28th DNG and 555th DNG from the same sequence (with fixed focus).


    28th DNG



    555th DNG



    I created those image for Blackmagic Japan, so the yellow charactor is Japanese and 

    meaning 2x magnification.

    I shot this sequesce panning stairs form the bottom to the top, so the 28th image is 

    about 5m (15ft) away and the 555th image is about 8m (25ft) away from me.


    As you can notice, the 28th image is soft on the right side, and the 555th image is 

    soft on the left side.

    From this result, I suspect the SB or BMPCC mount tilting, but the problem is not 

    happening always.


    If I set the focus infinity, the blurriness always appears on the left side as you mentioned.


    At first, I thought this problem happens only extreme situation such as shooting at very

    fast aperture like F0.8 (SB+NikonF1.4), but recently I realized this problem happens

    not only at very fast F value, but also at the usual F value.


    The following image is from a footage shot by setting F3 at Speedbooster with Nikon

    50mm F1.4D.




    Also please watch the following movie shot by setting F4 at Speedbooster with Nikon

    50mm F1.4D. Sorry for the shaky movie because it was very windy.



    For the comparison, the following link is the movie I shot at the same day with the 

    exactly the same setting. I changed the angle a little bit and re-set the focus.



    I shot about 6 movies on that day and only 1 movie above had the problem.


    For now, I asked the Metabone's product distributer in Japan to borrow me the

    new Speedbooster EOS mount for checking if it has the same problem.


    I'll make a report of the test result here when I got the new SB EOS mount test


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