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  1. I am a new GH2 user and new to the boards here. I hacked my GH2 with the Driftwood hack. I have been doing some camera tests over the past few days. The image quality is great, no complaints there. However, I am seeing a ton of rolling shutter. I have been operating the camera handheld without a rig which I know may be part of it, but it seems like it shouldn't be this bad. I did one test where I shot out a moving car window and all the buildings looked like they were in a fun house mirror as I moved past them. I am used to shooting with HV200 and HPX170 which shoot 1080p beautifully. I feel like I've seen GH2 videos that don't have rolling shutter in them. Did the editor just cut around it?


    I bought the camera to shoot a small doc next week, so I need to make a decision soon. If I can't operate handheld and pan around to follow action without distortion, that's probably a deal breaker to me. I would love any advice from the boards. I shot with a 12-35mm Panasonic lens by the way.



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