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  1. I don´t get to understand the controversy here… Let me elaborate; I’m a Costa Rican videographer who wanted to do what I love for a living and got just enough money to get a GH2 with a kit lens to start with… I kept studying what was the last gear trend to get my few $ in the right place… always with some doubts about how my tiny gh2 didn´t have de nice DOF of my competitors with 5D mIII… but I think that I choose the best cost – efficient system there is up to date… and now Andrew is putting all these grading profiles tests and I enjoy every precious info I get with each delivery… because my tiny company will now be able to offer 4K to our clients… and use it for a way better 1080… and it’s going to cost me ($1700) and with my Olympus 45mm 1.8 ($400) will make beautiful footage for my weddings…. I will be able to pay rent and my daughter school… this is the great thing about the GH series…is giving us (“dslr lover boys†as I read in a hard comment on this video directly on Vimeo) the chance to work with great tools and deliver a better image to our clients…. I don´t know if I will ever have an Alexa…. I haven´t even seen one in real life… I know you guys want to get technical and it’s clear that you know what you are talking about, but I don´t know if any of you are sharing all that great knowledge in other forums of your own, but I have to stand here for who is taking the time to deliver all this information and say “the title is clear, gh4 gets arri film look†is not “GH4 matches alexaâ€â€¦ Warm Regards to all from Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

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