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  1. Yes, I think Black Magic must be relieved that Sony didn't do 10bit 4:2:2 with this sensor and price. If it did 10bit I think I'd forget about the Panasonic GH4.

    I think I'd like to see how specific examples coming from the a7s hold up after grading before deciding - and remember that there's the Slog with the a7s.

  2. I added an 8bit 4:2:2 and 10bit 4:2:2 to my cg bit depth test.. if you go fullscreen and use the pause button (it goes by pretty fast) you can see how different they are.


    but the gamma is cranked on this test to around 2x, intentionally to isolate the Y,Cr,Cb and emphasize banding and artifacts.


    Well, quite a difference. To my eyes, the most significant differences are between the 10-bit and 8-bit after grading.
    the 16-bit ones are nicer still, but not hugely so - probably not enough to justify the much larger file sizes.


    the difference between 420 and 422 doesn't seem to be as significant.

  3. I watched the sample footage on my 2K monitor and it's pretty impressive - the 5000 ISO and even the 12800 ISO shots were nice!

    No line-skippig for the UHD is nice, but how does it do when outputting 1080 internally?


    I'm assuming the 8-bit 4K footage could be downscaled to 444, 10bit 1080 as described before on EOSHD?

  4. Should be back now. Copy was having problems. Please try and again and let me know if it's still broken.



    This clip does look impressive actually, MUCH better than the mushy footage I got from my a65. The footage on the camerlabs site isn't as impressive though, altthough that maybe due to vimeo's compression. I'd like to see other mts examples in different conditions. 
    If Sony can keep up this quality and introduce a higher bitrate codec I think I'll be tempted back to them from my GH3 when they get their new cameras out.

  5. Hi, this is interesting! I bought the Sony a65 (virtually the same as the a77) for its 50p recording, but I've always been disappointed with the video quality. (it's fantastic for stills though).


    The colour is far from vibrant and the sharpness is awful. I eventually bought a GH3 and the image quality is so much better. I'm very interested in whether the quality of the a6000 is comparable to the GH3.. especially as Sony's upcoming cameras are supposed to include a 4K model (maybe the a77 successor).


    Oh and the link to the sample footage doesn't work for me either.


    Thanks for posting this!

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