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  1. Ok, I didn't see this coming. But BMC is DOA once the Cion hits. For 2G more you get something that has the ergo of an Aaton, 4k up to 120fps, Pro Rez 4444, etc. Please let it have a decent DR. Did I mention the body is 6.4lbs? Game changer? At the rate cameras are going glass seems like the only safe investment.



    The sensors are the same, so it's very likely it's going to have close to the same image. Difference being on the URSA six months from now if a new sensor comes out you can change it without having to pay full price for a camera.

    Biggest thing though is using CF cards, things are to expensive

  2. Oh dear, what the hell are they doing now?!?

    Totally agreed with the article - they really need to focus on their existing line-up first, fixing the (basic) flaws in their firmware. 


    And the URSA? Another new camera? Come on....

    If you read the page its software has alot of things that the other don't, I think maybe this software will eventually get to the others

  3. Hi,

    We started shipping the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K, plus we have also lowered the price to US$2,995. This means if you have ordered, you will be able to get your camera at a lower price. We have been doing a lot of work to lower the price and it's nice that we can do it from the start of shipping so everyone can get the advantage of that.

    I think this new lower price is important as we really need this camera to supply Ultra HD content into our ATEM 4K production switchers, but live production needs multiple cameras. If the cameras are lower cost, it really helps the live production guys afford multiple cameras so they can build a really powerful live production setup.

    Initially the cameras will ship with ProRes recording. We are working as hard as we can to add RAW recording quickly and to build cameras so everyone gets their orders asap. We are so thankful for everyone's patience as we sorted out production for this camera, however it's great it's now shipping. It's exciting to be able to work on a camera like this and I cannot wait to see the work done on it.

    We have some other software updates due soon for the other cameras, so we are continuing to work hard and I will post some updates as we can.



    Blackmagic Design



    Was never expecting the lower price! No raw yet surprisingly

  4. I've worked background/crew on atleast fifty tv shows and movies in the last year and most of them(90%) of them shoot Arri Alexas and only Red if they can't afford them(or Sony if their a sony production). Also all digital as well. Which was a pretty fast change from fall 2012 to fall 2013. When I started in 2012 everyone was film except a few productions but by next fall I haven't been on a set that shoots in film.

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