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  1. Thanks,
    I am still waiting for official reply about luggage - some airlines already replied that's it's ok, some say that I have to check with specific airport - no always yes or no answer.
    The goal is to check and find the tripod to make many 3 days trips without the paid luggage. ( head + camera + tripod + level.. ~<7kg ).

    Funny that I am looking for exactly the same set. 502 seems a better deal for me.
    1. What rig are you using?
    2. What could you say more about twisting? Is it really a big problem when head is hardened? What if we could: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj6fMcJ18aA :-)

    Waiting for your sunwayphoto dhy-66i test with this rig.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for response. It's funny I was looking to buy in the same store... ;-)
    Here is a complete list of what I've found on the internet ( >160cm, <55cm ) :

                                                                              Max height | Folded | Weight | Price
    http://foto-tip.pl/pl/statyw-triopo-ge-3232x8c.html       190 / 47,5 / 1390 / 170$
    http://foto-tip.pl/pl/statyw-triopo-me-3232x8c.html      188 / 48,5 / 1730 / 110$
    http://foto-tip.pl/pl/statyw-triopo-mt-3232x8c.html       185,5 / 48,5 / 1730 / 109$  ...
    Induro AT214 Alloy 8M - 167 / 54,5 / 2000 / 140$
    Slik PRO 824CF - carbon - 163 / 47 / 1600 / 200$
    Slik PRO 724CF - carbon - 163 / 47 / 1400 / 150$
    Manfrotto MT055CXPRO4 - 170 / 54 / 2100 / 400$
    Manfrotto 755XB - 165 / 46 / 2500 / 300$

    There is also Benro A2980F 170 / 56 / 2100 / 130USD, but it's 1,5 cm too long for most cabin baggage size.

    I am aware of Tripod Torsional Rigidity, that's one of the main problems. The quest is to buy a tripod for a ... hand luggage, not a "heavy one".
    502 seems better thanks to hardness controll. I've though about Manfrotto levelling 338, about the same price.

    Seems that Triopo is one of the best - ~130USD, >170cm and 49cm folded. I just don't know the quality and stability at full height when compared to others.

    EDIT: On the other hand basic maths:
    RyanAir: a55 x b40 x c20
    diagonal across the bag= √(a2 + b2)   =~ 62-67cm
    will show that a 60cm tripod will fit into a hand luggage bag easily if we put it diagonally across the bag, but ...

    main question is: Can we travel with a tripod as hand luggage?

  3. Thanks,
    I've tried to find tests with specifc lens and camera, but they haven't tested it yet - so I've tried similar sensors like GH4 > GX7.
    We're talking about 4K UHD and thats ~8MPx.

    Marco, are you talking about the Samsung NX500 kit 16-50?
    Looking for Samsung 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 ED OIS Lens test with NX500.

  4. Looking to buy fluid head and tripod for GH4, for mostly video vehicle tracking shots: fast cars, airplane landings etc. Thats both fast and slow tracking, panning and tilting.


    There was a similar topic with 701hdv, but it was 2 years ago and there is new stuff available.
    1. I've thought about Manfr 500 or similar like 502 - what do you think, buy 500 or 502 or other?

    I am also looking for tripod allowing me to make shots from eye level perspective, and as light and small ( max 52 cm ) as it could be in a normal price range.
    2. Any suggestions?

    Price for whole set: tripod + head = < 350Euro.



  5. NX500:
    + codec ( but how does it really compare to G7? anyone? )
    - hdmi output, lenses

    + lenses, hdmi
    - codec

    + lens
    - hdmi output, no lens change

    All cost about the same.

    Question: What is the true lens resolution possibility ~ 1000 USD ?

    1. Is it true that in m4/3 we can't really use practically more than the lens resolution of LX7 and 12Mpx, because there isn't a enough sharp lens ( > 10Mpx ) to use with G7 ( m4/3 or with adapter ) which costs less then 1000USD? 14-140 is only 6P-MPix ( dxomark ) and 14-42 is 7P-MPix. 

    2. Maybe the NX500 has a 28MPx sensor, but is there any lens configuration to use 15,20 or 25 MPx on NX500?

    3. Is it true, that when we want to go for a true 25-30Mpx resolution, we have to buy at least D600/700/800 with a good lens?

    At last ... what do you think about lens res?

  6. Thank you for your responses.

    So, the true main differences that matters are:
    1. wider zoom range in FZ1000
    2. microphone input in FZ1000
    3. better stabilisation on FZ1000 ( 5 axis works in the video mode or only photo? )
    4. CineLike profiles on FZ1000
    5. quite faster lens on LX100
    6. flipscreen on FZ1000

    I've read all the posts and very good reviews on eoshd.com, before making a new post.

    the problem is that I haven't find anywhere straight true and real, tested and verified answear to this questions:

    LX100 vs FZ1000
    1. Which camera is better in low light?
    2. Which camera has better overall video quality?
    3. Which camera has better overall photo quality? ( not resolution, but the quality of pictures )
    4. Which camera has better "lens" quality?
    5. Which camera has a cleaner image and is less noisy?

  7. Hi,

    I 'am trying to decide between FZ1000 and LX100.
    It will be a main A camera. It must shoot 4K and cost ~900 USD.

    I've already bought GP4 Black as B camera and I use old Dslr for stills, but it's not enough.
    Of course I can use a GoPro as a pocket camera, but it's ...

    I would like to use camera for:
    - stills and panoramas
    - timelapse and night timelapses

    - interviews* ( i want to mount a led lamp on camera ) 

    ( I would like to record clear sound of voice outdoors and for example - car sounds.
    It would be good to connect a microphone, but I can also use external recorded if necessary )

    - shots inside buildings - house, clubs

    - shots inside cars ( mountig a camera like a gopro inside a car )
    - some follow focus shots
    - tripod panning and gunning
    - slider

    - some telephoto shots

    - travel *I'like to "wear" this camera with me, but I've heard that even LX100 is too big

    I will use Vari-ND, slider and tripod with fluid head or suction cup dslr car mount mostly.

    1. What camera will shoot better stills?

    2. Is the quality of 4K video the same with both cameras?
    3. Which camera is better in low light?
    4. I almost don't shoot handheld - only smooth shots with tripod, slider, gimbal etc..

    Which camera is better to shoot those type of shots with tripod, slider, with suction cup
    and more ergonomic?

    is it possible to do follow focus style shots on FZ1000 or LX100?

  8. Yeah, I've finished comparing it all and it seems that E-PM2 with sensor stabilisationis the best idea.

    So, going for E-PM2 :-)

    1. Would you recommend any polarizer filter for 14-42?
    2. Do you have any info about "good settings", some software or some tricks that you think are important to know for PM2?
    3. Do you recommend some special lens for this camera as a second lens to 14-42?
    I've thought about getting Canon 50 and M4/3 adapter.

  9. Thanks Julian & Andrew.
    Araucaria - yes, this is the main problem. Microvibrations.

    I am dividing aerial filmaking into:
    1: GH4 with good lens - best for the most of videos. That's all.

    2: GoPro 3+ and H3-3D gimbal - best for pocket copter travel filmaking. Fits in 1 hard case.
    3: Red Epic and others - it's like 1DX and C300 on the ground. For specific situations, not every day.

    So, it's great to capture videos via GH4 from a gimbal. GM1 is great as a pocket camera. The problem is that
    it's just nearly 3 times ( ~ 850 USD ) more expensive than other cameras in shops ( ~280USD ).

    I am keeping the price low due to all copters reliability and strictly photo-copter-stuff use.
    Sometimes it's better to have a gear that doesn't cost a lot :-)

    used RX100 ~300USD on Ebay - Ok :-)

    Why I am looking for mirrorless? For lens replacement possibility.

    I've searched the shops and I've found:
    E-PM2 + 14-42 IIR
    E-PL3 + 14-42
    GF5 + 14-42
    GF3 + 14mm 1/2.5
    A3000 + 18-55
    EOS M + 18-55

    Nikon 1S2


    I am thinking about E-Pm2 vs GF6 vs Nikon S2?
    What do you think of this three - the best?


  10. Looking for a camera that shoot good photo in raw ( 90% photo, 10% video ) from aerial multicopter.
    Weight doesn't matter so much, but of course ( lower=better).

    It's only about keeping the price of camera+lens low - below 400Euro here due to possible crash.

    It would be great to have a built in stabilisation in lens.

    Shooting in auto or just set ISO, shutter speed and aperture and fly.
    Pictures every few seconds via timer for few minutes and than landing. Shooting photos in RAW would be good idea. 1080p is additional to shoot from ground.

    This is the list of what I've find:
    1. EosM + 18-55kit

    2. A3000 + 18-55kit
    3. Nikon1S2
    4. E-PM2
    5. E-PL3
    6. some compact camera, maybe rugged compact?
    7. Samsung NX2000
    8. Samsung NX1100
    9. E-PL5
    10. Samsung NXmini
    11. Nikon 1 S1 / S2 and others

    What would be the best from the list?
    any other suggestions?

  11. Thanks,


    G6 was great "but too big" to fit in the pocket - it's sized more like GH4.
    I've also heard about GX7 and GM1 coming with new sensor, so I've sold the G6.
    Then there was a GM1 and GX7 official premiere.


    GH4 is on the list because it's the only camera that record 4K that I know.
    4k recording beats bigger weight and bigger size but it will cost 3 times more.
    I am looking for something other than GH4 for know, but it's still on my list
    ( it just cost a lot )
    It's more like I would like to record 4K for 800 euro - currently quite impossible,

    so I am now looking to buy a good stills camera cheaper than GH4 for travels but still good to use as a backup camera when I will finally buy the GH4 : )

    Thanks for lens suggestion noone

    I've though that mirrorless has an advantage of a lens change but ...

    now I don't know if it is really needed. Maybe it's good to have a small camera with one good lens than having a mirorless with one lens.

    Due to yours replies, I am now looking more to
    RX100 III and similar

    A5000 ~20/35/50mm or A6000 ~20/35/50mm
    GM1 or GX7 ( prefer GM1 due to size and price - I don't think i would use GX7 functions more )


  12. I want to take photos of interesting places, especially landscape = hdr, photos at night, panoramas and aerial photos etc. Blog about interesting places to visit in my area.
    Video from a tripod or gorilla mount and slider.

    So, what would you recommend as a good RAW-based image camera? GM1 with kit lens?

  13. Thank you, maxotics.

    I am also considering "effective resolution". Using very simple words = the picture which I make today won't be in a good resolution after a few years. I am trying to have as big resolution as I can. What could you say about effective resolution of camera today and in the future few years - for example A6000 vs GM1?

    I was thinking about Olympus, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony or Nikon mirrorless camera.
    Is there a good Olympus or Fuji camera comparable to GM1?

    I've read that the RX100 III and other compact cameras aren't as good as mirorless - is it correct?

    Maxotics, i would like to buy one lens, due to costs.
    would you recommend getting:
    a. gm1 kit + pencake 14mm

    b. gm1 + kit lens

    c. gm1 + ( what lens )

    PS: Are you using any filters of tripods on GM1?


  14. Hi


       I am looking for a camera that I could use when I travel to take pictures and videos for travel blog. I am waiting for GoPro 4 to record 4K video in various of environment. I want to have a small camera for stills. This camera will also capture stills from plane travels.


       I was thinking about a GM1, because it takes a good video too, but GM1 was released more than half a year ago - maybe we will see GM2 soon. I've though about Nikon AW1 and A6000. The video quality is important, because 1080p is still good for now and it would be a backup camera. I 've had a G6 and 14-42, sold it. Now I want to buy camera, backup batteries, lens, polarizer and nd filter. 60% stills, 40% video*


    *Of course it would be great if it could record 4k, but there is no reasonable camera that record 4k other than GH4, so I think more about a still camera for this moment. Maybe in the next few months i will see something recording 4K.


       The idea is to record 4K via GoPro4 when it will be available and take stills from camera. What do you think of this idea? What would you recommend as a portable, endurable camera with a good lens ? What camera and lens? I prefer mirrorless and looking to spend up to max ~800 euro for camera and lens.

  15. Back to topic.
    Up to 150m ( 300-500 feet )

    I don't think that I will find any camera that will record 4k for up to 1000USD with lens in the nearest future... ( only gopro IV :P )

    What do you think? Will they be any camera in this price?

    Lets go back to reality. Before NAB, staying at 1080p - I've listed camera that I am interested in.


    Looking for very portable camera with "very good" image ( photos ) and video quality.

    What's important for me:
    - Price - up to 1000 USD ( 750-800 EURO ) with lens
    - Small size - my favorite is GM1, because I can travel with it without any bags. 1 lens with filter in first pocket and body in second pocket...
    - Overall video and image quality
    It would be great if the camera had live HDMI ( A5000 ).


    G6 that I've used for a while was great but ... it wasn't that.

    BMPC - price with lens + only video + no 4k.


    Nikon V3
    GM1 .. GM2 :P


    What would you recommend? V3, GM1 or A5000.. or wait for NAB?


  16. Brushless gimbal - perfect stabilisation in 3 axis. No remote shooting control - everything is set on the ground before each shot.
    Just start recording, record, land, watch and copy. And repeat this process.

    During recording i will have live preview - live streaming of video.


    Currently i see that there isn't any black magic pocket 4k. So everything right now in price up to ~3000 USD with lens is:
    Do you know anything else?

  17. Hi.

    I want to buy a camera for aerial video and photo.
    I've thought about G6 or Nex 5r.

    G6 is the best but it record 1080p. I also consider Nex becouse I want to take photo. ( 50%/50% photo/video )


    More important - I am planning to go into 4k. I've got about 3000USD for camera.


    There is a Sony FDR-AX100 which record 4K for 2000USD.
    Problem? 4K bitrate in FRD-AX100 iss 60Mb...


    Quite Low.


    1. Is it better to buy FDR-AX100 despite of low bitrate / GH4 or it's better to buy now G6 or Nex and create 1080p video for next 6 months? | Go into to 4k now or wait?

    2. What do you think of low bitrate in FDR-AX100?

    3. Do you know any other 4K recording camera ( despite of BMDC 4K) that could be a good choice?  Only GH4? Other camcorders?


    There is no weight limitation. ( up to 6kg )



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