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  1. Hi, just wondering what picture profiles/settings people are using on the GH5, and why?
  2. Hi Andrew, will you be producing one of your excellent shooters guides and a review for the GH5?
  3. Need advice on which zoom lens to get with GH5 out of Panasonic 12-35, Panasonic 12-60 or Leica 12-60. I am looking to also get Sigma 18-35 with speedbooster. I have the 14-140mm and Panasonic Leica 25mm, but wanted a weather sealed walk around/everyday lens that is weather proof to complement the British weather Any advice, recommendations and anecdotes based on real world use welcome Thanks, Boxtree
  4. Has anyone had any experiences good/bad or can recommend a 3-axis gimbal for my Iphone. Love the idea of the gimbals but wanted to see how much I would use it before upgrading to a DSLR one so thought I would dip my toe in the water with a iphone one. Looking at - zhiyun z1 smooth c Lanparte hhg-01 Ikan Fly-X3 As these seem to be the most prevalent, does anyone know of any new ones on the horizon that may be worth waiting for? All advice greatly received Thanks, G.
  5. Hi Jase, what strength of Tiffen Filter did you use, and what profile on Filmconvert? As you have certainly found something special with that combo
  6. Andy what setting do you use for Highlight shadow Andy, or do you leave it on camera default ? Thanks.
  7. Starting to see quite a few on cam LED lights when I go to expos and festivals. Are these dslr hotshoe add-ons indispensable or a waste of money. Thoughts please? If you do you use them any tips or situations/scenarios you would recommend using them. thank you
  8. Hi Andy, that sounds encouraging on the grading front. Which profile and setting would you recommend on the G7 to make it the most suitable for grading?
  9. So I think this post and others on the forum have sold me on the G7 and Sigma 18-35 combo. But looking at the Metabones adapter their seem to be three flavours normal EF, ultra and XL, are the latter two worth the additional couple of hundred pounds? If so can you please explain to the layman. Thanks.
  10. Last question, promise I believe the Sigma doesn't have stabilisation on it, so did you use it on a tripod/monopod etc. or were the shots using the lens all handheld? If they are handheld how does the lens/picture hold up being un-stabilised Thanks
  11. Hi Drift Productions, really nice vid. Can you give some more info, what lenses did you use, settings on camera, any colour grading used etc.
  12. Hey Mattias I am new to Luts and colour grading, would you say these ascend Luts are the best route for a beginner and are they worth the price?
  13. Can anyone recommend some good Lenses to match up with the speed boosters on the G7? Thanks Boxtree
  14. That makes so much sense, could you share your cineV settings please kidzrevil Thanks B
  15. I have a GH4 and EM5ii with Panasonic lenses 12-35, 14-140 and Leica 25, all with 58mm threads so I could use the filter on all of them. Based on experience. What filter would people recommend to make the lens/camera combinations mentioned look more filmic and easier to grade and less digital? All advice greatly received Thanx B.
  16. Could anyone tell me how much better a DJI OSMO or one handed pistol grip such as the Beholder is than the Olympus EM5ii stabilisation. I am looking to add some tracking/movement shots which I was going to use the EM5 for, do the devices I mentioned give a massive improvement and worth the extra expense? Thanks.
  17. Did you use the new flat profile or some other settings? Also what package/plug-in are you using to colour grade? Thanks, Boxtree
  18. Hi, has anyone tried and had any success with colour grading footage from the EM5ii, Reading about what all these wonderful LUT's can do on these forums and would like to dip my toe in the water and have a play. Any advice greatly received. Thanks, Boxtree
  19. Hi, I am looking to add stabilisation/gimbal type shots to my family movies, to follow the kids riding bikes and running around etc. Dont want to spend a small fortune so was looking at the DJI Osmo or a 3-axis gimbal (Fei-yu / Ikan) to use with my Iphone 6S, or possibly even a Olympus EM5ii as I have friend selling one at roughly the same price as a Osmo. What would you learned Ladies and Gentlemen on the forum recommend? I would but cutting the footage with my GH4 Boxtree.
  20. Any thoughts or tips on grading footage from the Em5ii? What in camera settings and Lut's are people using? Cheers, Gary.
  21. Hi Andrew, you mentioned you are shooting a tweaked stills picture profile to match the look of Fuji Velvia on the X-T1. "I’m shooting on one of the stills picture profile which I tweaked to match the look of Fuji Velvia on the X-T1. I am enjoying the colours out of this camera, once white balance is tweaked to get rid of the bias towards a green tint." Could you please share these settings as I would love to try them? Best, Gary.
  22. Hi, I live in the UK where we don't see much sun :) so my questions is do I still need one if not shooting in bright sun light all the the time. Also my brightest lens currently is the Panasonic 12-35 2.8 so again would I need one with shutter at 1/50. Lastly is their ever a need to use a variable ND indoors or is it strictly for bight sunlight? All words of wisdom greatly appreciated. G.
  23. Looking at the BTS pics I noticed the Gorillapod being used as a stabilizer, genius idea. Can anyone tell me which Gorillpod would be best suited to the GH4, as their seem to be three to choose from that may be suitable hybrid, DSLR Zoom, and focus? Thanks. G.
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