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  1. Hi Andrew, on your twitter you mentioned "RX10 to HyperDeck is producing some stunning images. I think we have a winner here!"...


    So basically, assuming one is fine with the RX10 and external recorder setup, these problems mentioned are eliminated:


    - compression and mud

    - macroblocking and pixellation


    ..but it doesn't help at all with:


    - aliasing and moire

    - medicore low light performance


    Is that a good summary?

  2. I've been eyeing the RX10 for a while, and even made the hasty move to sell off my existing gear in preparation for it (GH2 and 35-100mm!).


    The thing is my needs are rather limited.  Professionally I do live camera projection through wireless HDMI on a shoulder rig (the fact that I can easily use an external battery to this thing that charges the internal one is actually very good for me), and seminar talking head recording, and other locked down stuff (safe shot for weddings etc).  I already own an Atomos Ninja 2, which AVCHD issues aside I'd need to use as takes are over 29minutes anyway.


    For me this still sounds a go-er, making some bucks in the way that I do, as I use the camera to also slowly improve my videography skills (slow-mo for family stuff for eg.).  Only potential concern is the mediocre low light ability, but I need to invest in better lights anyway :)


    I just wish I didn't back myself into this corner.  No doubt this thing will be MUCH cheaper in a very short time (at least there will be a few secondhanders under warranty still on ebay for a discount very quickly).

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