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  1. Interesting. Does the downscale to 1080p need any particular specific method or can you just go into Premiere, set the timeline to 1080p and scale the footage to fit?


    I would rather downscale when converting to ProRes before importing into my NLE. Then if I need to crop anything I can go back and bring in full-res footage. Better performance this way.

  2. Yeah, the image circle is probably big enough. I've put a Sigma 18-35mm on a 5D2... 18mm is tunnel vision, but at 35mm it almost covers fullframe.


    I take it you don't have a M4/3 camera and speed booster? What I'd like to see is samples, and to get an indication of what the widest usable focal length would be.

    EDIT: I did some math, using a full frame 18mm still, and technically, coverage should be fine for GH3 video. However, based on the same test, the GH2's 16:9 should be fine too, so I'm not really sure what to believe.

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